#AX2017 Shop – camping, coins & pathtags

It’s been a chilly weekend – hope you have managed to keep warm and find some caches for your Mary Hyde team, despite the rain and bitter cold! It may be miserable weather for caching out there at the moment, but Spring is sneaking up, and that means the #AX2017 MEGA is too … and if I have done my maths right, it’s only 17 weeks away people 😮 It’ll be upon us in no time at all! Yay!!

Speaking of time slipping away, there are still some powered sites available for the MEGA weekend, but as places are limited, it would possibly be a wise idea to book soon, or now even, to avoid disappointment. If you want to extend your stay and explore more of this awesome part of the state, no problems, we can arrange that too 😊 Just let us know when booking. And, if you want to ‘rough it’ you can also book unpowered sites.

Now for the shiny stuff. I like shiny stuff 😊 We have pathtags on pre-sale in the #AX2017 shop. Order them now and you can pick them up onsite at the MEGA. Or, alternatively, if you can’t make it to the MEGA, you can opt to have them shipped wherever you want. And, because you pay for them now, it’ll be like an extra cool surprise present in November 😃Well, okay, I concede it won’t be a surprise, but it will still be cool.You can order a trading set, in which case you will receive a set of pathtags of a single design, ready for swapping with other cachers at the Event. But if swapping isn’t your style, don’t dismay, for a little bit extra cash you can order a full set. No swapping required. Happy days 😊

And continuing this theme of shiny stuff, we also have geocoins available for pre-sale. Same deal as the pathtags. Order now and pick up later. Too easy. As in years gone by, there are two options for geocoins, the regular version and the special limited edition version, which, as its name implies, will be special and limited. This year, if you spend your hard-earned on both coins, you will go into the draw to win 1 of 5 unobtainium geocoins.

Now where is this #AX2017 shop, you ask? Easy, everything you need is located at the other end of this link: https://www.freewebstore.org/geocaching-melbourne/

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