Australian Geocaching Hall of Fame

Here is a list of those that have been inducted into the Australian Geocaching Hall Of Fame. Hall of fame is decided based on various statistics and contribution to the game over time.

Also included are those that have been inducted into the Legends of the Game Category.

Hall of Fame:

The Australian Geocachers Hall of Fame has been created to honour those who have contributed to the game and the community of geocachers in Australia for many many years, over and above what would be expected of mere mortal geocachers. It’s not necessarily about the numbers although numbers can help, it’s about the selfless contribution towards the pursuit of geocaching glory of others. Alright, it’s about the numbers.

Inductees to the Australian Geocaching Hall of Fame are announced on an annual basis and usually this happens at Victoria’s annual Mega event held in a revolving location each November.

Inductees to date are:

Year Inductee Year Inductee
2017 alex 2018 Team Astro
2017 Biggles Bear 2018 Skippy
2017 Derringer 2018 Team Red Roo
2017 GeoMonkeys 2018 Team Crackers
2017 gmj3191 2018 Everlasting
2017 Liz & Bruce 2018 pprass
2017 maccamob 2018 Zytheran
2017 mtbikeroz 2018 The Coffees
2017 Lyn Pat and Nathan 2018 ClydeE
2017 Muzza 2019 -Beaker-
2017 Ian&Sue – Team Pathfinder 2019 Burton’s
2017 Tankengine 2019 Cached
2017 The Rats 2019 caughtatwork

Year Inductee Year Inductee
2019 Crew 153 2019 Team Webguy
2019 Firesafe 2020
2019 Four-fun
2019 Freddo
2019 Frozen Feet
2019 Rabbitto
2019 Rebel Acts
2019 Robtas
2019 SA_ParrotHead
2019 Scenic Routers
2019 Snuva
2019 Swampgecko
2019 Team Waldron

Legends of the Game:

The Legends of the Game category was created to honour those that were well on the way to achieving recognition as an inductee into the Hall of Fame and were significant contributors to the Australian Geocaching community, but sadly passed away on their journey through life.

Legends announced at The Parkville Event 2018 were:

YEAR Legends
2018 SpindocBob (The Spindoctors)
2018 dak’s Emu Mob