Award Finalists 2020/21

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone in the Geocaching community for all your nominations – we were blown away by the near 300 nominations we received. There were so many amazing nominations, and as tough as it was, we have managed to shortlist each category to a set of finalists. Every category has a great selection of options open for voting, however due to the limit entries in the ‘Best Photo’ Category, we decided to not proceed with this category.

Please take the time to review the lists below and enjoy the experience of find each cache as you consider who the winner of each category should be. All finalists have been added to a list which you can save and tick off on your geocaching travels. FInd list here.

During the voting process, the following criteria applies:

  • Only caches, and logs shortlisted will be open for voting
  • For all cache categories, we recommend you physically find the cache you are voting for.
  • You can vote for your own cache, log or photo. 
  • One vote per category per caching team is allowed. 
  • There will only be one winner per category plus one runner up
  • If in the event a category results in a tie, the GVI committee will cast the final vote
  • Any caches that are disabled or archived at the time of voting, may not be considered in the final results. GVI discreation will be applied.

Congratulations to all whose caches and logs were shortlisted as finalists. Voting is now open until Friday 30th September 2022.

Your voting form link can be found here.

Best Traditional Cache

GC93QQB Vital Signs by Mister Doctor
GC8VQRB Where’s Wayang? by Mister Doctor
GC859XZ Spotters, by Washawa
GC954B4 BGT10: Adam Lindsay Gordon (Ballarat GeoTour) by BallaratGeoTour
GC9KEK1 Christmas 2021 by AlexiKatty
GC8TPN1 Harrietville Fireys by Ronice88
GC8Z5KQ Toad of Toad Hall by Mister Doctor
GC9HMEZ Something Corky by Donutholes

Best Multi Cache

GC8H6EE – Into the Woods (Night Cache) by Mister Doctor
GC97JMZ By The Book by gmj391
GC9F7CY Coordinates – Like a Boss by gmj3191
GC9DW47 Hastings Historic Walk by tidder
GC96BQG Manfred’s Meander No 4. by beckNmonts
GC8YM5R The Hub by Ronice88
GC8T09R The Paddle Steamer by MilduraGeoCrew
GC8KB41 Remembering Leap Frogsby Team ZACAATT

Best Mystery/ Puzzle Cache

GC8KXGG Battleship by OSHFAM
GC98XR4 CONTROL – A Secret Organisation for Spies Mister Doctor
GC82HVV A Puzzle of Sum Sort? by BendSinister
GC8C3BC A Large Leap by n0w0rries
GC8J48M Oh what a great year by Kaucket
GC90AMG Klinks Cache by Washawa
GC928Z8 – Down the Rabbit Hole by OzHockeyChick
GC9APC6 Lines, Grids, etc by BendSinister

Best Other Cache

GC8J02G RSL ATILLERY by atsmug
GC8K8RQ The Secret Garden Letterbox by ilukaperi
GC9647W Round the bend and up the creek by perpetuallylost
GC96X2C Ichnofossils by gmj3191

Best First Hide

GC8RWJC What’s in a name: PINK by Jetsons23
GC8JMZQ Bat out of Hell by Knight_shift
GC8N265 Balcombe Creek by TigerDaveC
GC8TC48 Millgrove Falls by Victourer
GC8TYKF Light up the night by Equipt22
GC8VDBM The Hound of Long Forest by Ryderspider
GC8VEKF Frankston Reservoir by Brengun1
GC8Y7E5 Whomping Peppercorn by thelastjar
GC960T5 Open-Air School by dachsie25
GC9CZKM The Kings Tree by Tamalia
GC9E0M2 Devil’s Find by Cooper0607
GC9EVR4 Ballarat’s Kraken Clocks-Bonus Cache by ThaKraken
GC9JEKP Red, White and Blue by BrianandGreg

Best Regional Cache

GC8RTJA Ned’s Last Adventure (Lab) Bonus Cache by Team BGF
GC8WV7K CSI – Crime Scene Investigator (Night Shift) by ILookedThere
GC94CDQ CSI – Crime Scene Investigator (Night Shift) Lvl 2 by ILookedThere
GC954B4 BGT10: Adam Lindsay Gordon (Ballarat GeoTour) by BallaratGeoTour
GC99HEX Murals of Tongala Adventure Labs Bonus Cache by Cybergran V
GC9KEK1 Christmas 2021 by AlexiKatty

Best Location

GC8EZA3 Forgotten Warrandyte (100 Steps Lookout) by BernieH
GC8K8RQ The Secret Garden Letterbox by ilukaperi
GC94C4G Pipe Pickin’ Phun by The_Tritonz
GC94CC0 Snowgums Lookout, chooknchunk
GC955BM BGT06: Ballarat Botanic Gardens (Ballart GeoTour), ballaratgeotour
GC95BWH A Memorable Milestone by Mister Doctor
GC967T4 Platypus Letterbox #1 by ahomburg
GC9DQE1 – ANARE by Ronice88
GC9J0QN Diamantina Drover by Ausyowie
GC9K9GR Lukey’s Lookout by GemmaSistema

Best Series

GC96BPN Manfred’s Meander Series by beckNmonts
GC95347 Ballarat GeoTour,
GC9G5PF SNOMO series by Ronice88
GC8M80P AUSLAN Series by crank1
GC8H78Z – Gold Series by Gunks
GC8GZDR Holy Grail by grugthethug

Best Found It Log

By Brain #1
Earthbound Chief
The Welder
Brain # 2
SKI Pair

Best DNF Log

heymissjo #1
Brain (formerly Brainiav03) #1
heymissjo #2
Brain (formerly Brainiac03) #2
The Welder

Best Overall Cache

GC93QQB Vital Signs by Mister Doctor
GC859XZ Spotters, Washawa
GC8KXGG Battleship, OSHFAM
GC8HHPC GOLD #35 (Final) by Gunks
GC94CDQ CSI Crime Scene Investigator (Night Shift) Lvl 2, ILookedThere
GC954B4 BGT10: Adam Lindsay Gordon (Ballarat GeoTour), BallaratGeoTour
GC9KEK1 Christmas 2021, AlexiKatty

Your voting form link can be found here.

Award Results

The results of the Victorian Caching Awards for 2020/21 will be announced at the November 2022 Mega Event in Whittlesea. We also recognise that the results of the Victorian Cache Awards for 2019 were not announced due to covid restrictions so these will also be announced at the Mega. Further details will be released as we get closer to the date. 

If you have any questions about the awards, the nomination or voting process, please email Jo Cox

Good luck to all those who have been shortlisted.