One of the great things about the Geocaching Community is the variety of events that you can attend. I’ts a great way to connect and meet other geocachers in your local area or perhaps an area you may be passing through whilst on holidays. 

Below is a list of some common Events:

  • An Event Cache is a gathering organised and attended by geocachers. These may be created as a regularly meet up or to celebrate a special milestone. Any geocacher can submit and publish an Event Cache;
  •  Cache-In Trash-Out (CITO) are events specially orgnaised to clean-up a local area and to improve the environment. Bring some gloves to these events;
  • Community Celebration Events (CCE) – These are special events that you can apply to host between 2020-2022 that celebrate 20 years of geocaching. They come with a new icon and a souvenour once logged;
  • Mega Events  are large-scale geocaching events that are attended by 500+ geocachers. Mega-Events include planned activities and are usually held annually.

If you want to socialise and find events near you, here are a couple of useful pages: