Ballarat GeoTour

What is a GeoTour? Combine geocaching and travel to uplevel your vacations. GeoTours highlight the best of the best from their destination – in this case Ballarat! Discover the possibilities, plan with interactive maps, and use the official Geocaching® app while on location. Find all the caches in a GeoTour in order to receive a unique digital souvenir. Pack your bags, and take off on a cache-pedition.

Why Ballarat? Ballarat is steeped in incredible history with some amazing natural locations. We want to encourage you to get to know every part of this unique city and a GeoTour is a perfect way to show you. This GeoTour will take you to just some of the highlights of beautiful Ballarat but as you will see from the Geocaching map, there are LOTS of other caches to entice you to explore further. Also remember to download the Adventure Labs app as Ballarat has some fantastic golden history for you to learn about…

Ballarat GeoTour will be launched on February 20th 2021 with an event: Ballarat GeoTour – LAUNCH Event. The caches will be released shortly after. This is also just the first event! There are more to come (and more shiny things to win – see below).

Geocaching Victoria Inc. are also selling geocoins related to the Ballarat GeoTour. These will be released soon so stay tuned for more information.

This page will be updated after the GeoTour is launched and will includes a link to the Official GeoTour page which includes a link to all caches and a GPX files.

This GeoTour was made possible after recieving a grant from VicHealth as part of their Reimagining Health grants in 2020.