Upcoming Events

Ahh the possibilities 🙂 Here’s a list of events coming up. If you want them as a calendar -which also includes other helpful information – check out our google calendar feed.

A listing of upcoming Victorian events. If your event is not here and you would like it added, please send us a message.

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December 2018

Event 01-Dec-18: Mount Howitt Discovery

Event 04-Dec-18: Valleycaching’s Pre-Christmas 2018 Coffee & Chat

Event 07-Dec-18: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Event 08-Dec-18: Summer in the High Country


Event 08-Dec-18: Christmas by the River

Event 08-Dec-18: Geelong’s 2018 Annual Christmas Dinner Event

Event 10-Dec-18: Farewell and thanks! by DADDYKOOL

Event 10-Dec-18: Break on the Barwon

Event 15-Dec-18: Here Come the Geminids

Event 21-Dec-18: Xmas Greetings

Event 23-Dec-18: Christmas Eve Eve Caching Celebration (CEECC)


Event 29-Dec-18: GF07 & H068 Pre New Year Dinner Event 2019

Event 29-Dec-18: Wonthaggi Pre 2019 New Year Event

January 2019

Event 02-Jan-19: Cuppa before heading north!

Australian Mega events or Events on a Large Scale

Event 13-14 October 18: WA Goes Big 2018

Event16-Nov-18 – 17-Nov-18: The St Arnaud Event 2018

St Arnaud

19-Apr-19 – 22-Apr-19: Queanbeyan Easter 2019

Queanbeyan Easter 2019

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