Challenge Caches

Once you have been caching for a while, you might start to notice other geocachers referring to challenge caches. These are specialist geocaches that have the ‘challenge’ attribute and must comply with specific criteria before publication. Most will also include a challenge checker to assist geocachers to confirm if they are eligible to make the find.

You may find that some older challenge caches published prior to April 21, 2015 are legacy caches in the game and may not meet the updated criteria. As with any legacy cache, Geocaching HQ may archive caches which become problematic, however in most instances they are able to continue on in their original format.

To claim a challenge cache, you need to have found and signed the physical log book and achieved the list of qualifying criteria as set out by the Cache Owner in the cache description. If you sign the cache prior to completing the requirements, it is suggested that you add a “write note” to the log, advising that you have found and signed the cache but do not yet qualify for the find. In qualifying for a cache, you should also add details as to how you qualify. Project GC checkers do assist you in providing verification that you can add to your digital log. If you log a challenge cache without providing verification, in many instances your log could be removed.

Each challenge will vary in its required activities and goals. Some challenges are aimed at new geocachers to extend their geocaching adventures more broadly and others are to tease the more experienced cachers to challenge them even further.

Below is a list of some of the favourites to get you going in your challenge quest.

  • GC3BBR2 – A-Z Challenge
  • GC6XVTD – AUSmer Challenge
  • GC59WFG – Centrion Centroid Challenge
  • GC4EQ3V – It’s ALL about YOU Challenge
  • GC5M69G – Multicache Month Challenge Cache
  • GC5MTHY – Mystery Cache Monthly Challenge
  • GC5EWGV – Scrabble Challenge – Beckworth Beckons
  • GC58NTE – Spread the MEGA-Love Challenge
  • GC3KWWQ – Spread the Love Challenge
  • GCY98X – Victorian Country Road Atlas Challenge
  • GC5DFFR – Victorian LGA Polygon Challenge
  • GC52GCQ – Victoria’s Least Favourite Challenge
  • GC4PB0T – 50 cachers by the one hider!

For a more detailed list of challenge caches available in Victoria – check out this list.

Ongoing Projects

If you are feeling particularly inspired and desire another type of challenge, here is a list of some wherigo projects to keep you busy for a while.