Juicy July Goss!

We have offically passed solstice, so I for one am looking forward to the warmer days and longer days of sunshine!! Despite the weather, it has been great to see so many events occuring over the past month and we loved seeing your photos, so thank you for sharing! June’s Event Photo competition winner is Cracknleelee. We will be in contact soon with details of your prize.

What is amazing though, we appear to have more events scheduled in July than we did last month, so if you have a free weekend, make sure you check out all the events on offer.

BernieH’s July Challenge

For the month of July, we have a special challenge… one set by our lovely committee member Bernie Hollaway. As I am sure most of you know, he has been caching for the past ten years and has achieved so many milestones but he has one that has elluded him for some time that he would love to achieve……. and for anyone who loves data, numbers and challenges, will appreciate this.

Bernie has one final date left in his “Placed caches by found date” – which means for all the caches he currently has hidden (over 100 active caches), they have been found on every calendar day EXCEPT ONE!! That key date is 11th July!!!

And so the challenge for the month is, you need to find a BernieH cache on the 11th July and the winner will be the best found log for a find on that day on a BernieH hide! To help you with this challenge, we have created a BernieH cache list – https://coord.info/BMB60XG

We Have Some aMAZEing News!

Geocaching Victoria is excited to announce that the GPS Adventure Maze will be returning to Victoria really soon, after recently travelling all the way to Townsville in April.

The GPS Maze will make its third appearance at The Whittlesea Event (GC8EW40) on 19th – 20th November 2022 (GC9N1CX).

For those that don’t know, the GPS Adventure Maze Exhibit is a rare event icon that originally appeared in the USA in 2007. The Exhibit, initially hosted by Geocaching HQ, travelled around the USA and Canada until 2015 before being retired. The Czech Geocaching Association were allowed to create their own maze in 2013 and it first appeared in Prague of that year. The Czech maze travelled to the UK and Germany in 2015, back to the Czech Republic in 2017, to Austria in 2018 and Czech Republic in 2022. The Texas Geocaching Association began their own maze in 2019 and appeared in Fort Worth in that year. It has travelled to Georgia, Ohio and Kansas in 2021. Finally, GeoNord are bringing the maze to France for the first time ever in 2022.

This maze, created by Geocaching Victoria, will be the third maze in the southern hemisphere and will make Australia only the 7th country in the world to host a maze.

Want to Attend?

This Adventure Maze Exhibit will be in the Cattle Shed, which is part of the showgrounds at The Whittlesea Event on the weekend of the 19th to 20th of November, 2022. There is disabled access, plenty of parking and restroom facilities. The Adventure Maze Exhibit is totally free to attend and is open to the general public.

Exhibit Hours:

  • Friday 18th – 5pm – 7pm – Special pre-event opening for Foundation Friends of the Maze and VIPs only.
  • Saturday 19th – 9am – 3pm – Open to the public
  • Sunday 20th – 9am – 12pm – Open to the public

We anticipate the highest crowds to be on Saturday morning, so if you can wait, please consider coming on Sunday.

What should you know?

  • Except for the Friday afternoon pre-event for the Foundation Friends of the Maze, entry to the maze is on a first-come-first serve basis.
  • Only a limited number of people can be admitted into the maze at a time.
  • We anticipate the longest lines to be on the Saturday morning and the shortest to be on the Sunday morning.

Log your “will attend now” (GC9N1CX)

aMAZEing Merchandise

We also have a great selection of merchandise available in the shop, so be sure to have a browse and add to your cart.


Whittlesea Merchandise

And just in case you missed it – we have a great selection of goodies for the Whittlesea Mega as well! Be sure to check it out!


The Shop is open!! Check out these great products!

Hey Geocachers,

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the shop is now open!! We are just a little excited about the new MEGA offerings we have available. See flyer below.

To order any of these products, please head over to our GVI shop and place your order.

Also don’t forget that this weekend we have our next Ballarat GeoTour – Saturday 18th June – GC9QJK6. – so let us know if you are able to make it.

We still have some GeoTour coins available in our shop too – so while you are checking out your MEGA merchandise, make sure you look at the GeoTour stuff as well!


How did we get to JUNE!!

Winter is definitely upon us with colder days and shorter hours of sunlight, but hopefully everyone is managing to still get out and find those caches!

A big thanks to all those who contributed to the Kudos month of May – it was great to see so many in our community recognised and celebrated and if you didn’t get to read them, it is well worth going through the great posts.

We have two special winners for May… firstly from all the geocachers that nominated, our winner was Noam (leafotwind) and for those nominated it was Peter (MisterDoctor). We will be in touch soon to organise your monthly prize congratulations.

Now with June upon us, we launch our new competition. During the month of June, we have a number of events schedule across Victoria – we are hoping that you can attend one, take a photo and share it of your group. We would love to see a photo from a June event, but all 2022 event photos will be accepted as part of the competition.

Please note, any pictures shared may be used on our website or publications. We look forward to seeing your group photos.

PSSSTTTTTTT!!! Did you hear?

With the Mega only 172 days away, we thought it was time to schedule some more MEGA lead up events!

We have two more events that we have scheduled for Saturday 2nd July…

1 – Another scrumptious BBQ Fundraiser at Mernda Bunnings (GC9VC61) and

2 – A super duper CITO (GC9VC6B) organised for those chasing CITO Challenges

Make sure to check the details on our Mega page and if you haven’t yet registered your interest for the Mega GC8EW40 in November, you can do that too!