Victorian Cache Award Finalists 2020/21 Announced

It is with great excitement that GVI announces the finalists for the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards 2020/21. With nearly 300 nominations and some creative, extraordinary submissions, it makes for one exciting list.

We may have been restrained by covid and limited in our travels, but our creativity and passion for the game has shone through.

NOW… what we need you to do is….

Votes Close 30th September 2022 and will be announced at the Whittlesea Mega in Novemeber 2022

May Monthly Musings

It was great to see so many events hosted across Victoria last month and that our community was able to take full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Thank you to all of you that organised these events, the logs certainly indicate a great time was had by many.


Just a few quick updates from Geocaching Victoria – there are still many events scheduled in our calendar, so make sure you keep an eye on our ‘Upcoming Events Page‘, but also let us know if you would like an event added.


We know that we have been quiet in sharing further Whittlesea Mega details with you particularly around the accomadation and program, but we are hoping to do this in coming weeks. We just want to lock in some final details before we publish them. Fundraising continues in preparation for the Mega with the next two BBQ’s at Mernda Bunnings scheduled for Saturday 2nd July and Saturday 29th October. Please add these to your diary. A special thanks must go to Belinda and Don Parker, who work hard in the background to coordinate these for us. Further details will come out close to the dates.

April Competition – Share a Virtual Log Find

It was great to see so many within our community enjoy the new virtual caches that have recently been released. Thank you to all that submitted your log in the April GVI Competition, we thoroughly enjoyed reading all the logs. A big shout out must go to the winner this month – veevers12. Congratulations on your win. We will be in contact shortly to organise to get you your prize.

ABC – South West Interview – RoamingHowie

This month also saw another GVI Committee member promote this passionate game of ours. Congratulations to Andrew Howard (RoamingHowie) for a great interview on ABC – South West Victoria. You can listen to the interview below.

Victoria Cache of the Year Awards

Thanks to everyone in the community that has submitted nominations. We have been impressed by the high volume of submissions. In the next few weeks we will collate them and then share the list for voting. So watch this space!

We are planning to announce the winners of each category (2020-2021 awards) at the Whittlesea Mega, details are still being finalised. So keep an eye open for details in coming months. Also it should be noted that the 2019 Awards process was actually paused due to the Covid lockdowns. Voting did close, but the results were never shared. The announcement of the winners will also be at the Whittlesea Mega in November 2022.

Celebrating Bushfire – A Bright Spark in our Community.

With over 10,000 finds, 200+ hides and a cache in his honour, Laurie Thornton, aka Bushfire, is a name well known across our geocaching community. Even though he is local to the Geelong area, his reputation is known across the land.

Initially Bushfire was introduced to geocaching through his daughter who had discovered this great game whilst travelling in Germany and he quickly embraced it himself. But in 2005, there was only 6 or 7 caches in the Geeolong area and greater distances had to be travelled to find caches beyond.

That being said, Bushfire loved chasing caches and has over 300 FTF to his name, cache finds in most states/territories around Australia and more than 20 countries on his list; Denmark, Laos, Monaco and Canada just to name a few. One of his most memorable finds is also his most highest altitude cache, which was a cache he found on the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii. In order to visit this cache, you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle, be over 16 years of age (a rule set up by the organizations that run the telescopes) and of good health (only 40% oxygen level). Cache is at 13,712 ft above sea-level. Wow what a feat!

But it isn’t just the caches that has kept Bushfire engaged, it is the many friends he has made within the community. Very early in his caching career he remembers being in Bendigo and meeting Roma and Max of Romax fame and a much younger Bushfire was very impressed by their hides and style. So from that point in time he started to not only place caches in the best scenic locations but also to be the best hider that he could be. Romax changed his whole outlook on caching. Bushfire also fondly remembers that in November 2008 he had the opportunity to adopt eight of the oldest caches in Geelong from GeoJo as she was called then as she decided to venture into other interests. All of these caches he adopted were placed between 2002 and 2005. These caches were:

  • GC55D8 A Cunning Little Cache 2002
  • GC5C68 Edward’s Point 2002
  • GC5F49 The Banksias 2002
  • GCGC7039 Sweet Serendipity 2002
  • GCFD20 Common Ground 2003
  • GCHFR4 Bay Views 2004
  • GCHFR5 Panorama Heights 2004
  • GCQGVC Botanic Snap 2005

Of course these were not the only caches that Bushfire adopted and there are many more stories within the community about his generosity, commadre and friendship. His fitness and his determination were often likened to that of a goat – he could climb those hills in his 70’s like he was a 20 year old. His sharp mind and creativity often made people stop and think, making them ponder and reflect on how to approach his multis and puzzles. But he is also known for his events – one of the more memorable events that he has hosted was his 80th birthday where he filled the Waurn Ponds Hotel function room and a great time was had by all.

With that in mind, Bushfire has decided to host another event and it would be great if you can attend and celebrate with him. It will be held on Saturday 2nd April in Geelong, If you haven’t yet met him, it’s a great opportunity to come along and listen to his stories. On the day he will be drawing a few special prizes as well. More details can be found here on the event page – GC8K04Z Do you have one of these?

Also with school holidays and Easter around the corner, there are lots of other events planned over the course of April, so make sure you check out our GVI event page.

Come Join The Team – We Need You!!

Are you passionate about geocaching? Do you have a flair for creativity and an eye for detail? Perhaps you have a strength in logistics and organising events or a gift in fundraising? Do you want to become part of the best geocaching team ever to deliver great experiences for our community?

If this sounds like you….. please keep reading!!

We curently have a few vacancies available, which we are keen to fill with the right people. Please note – all roles listed below are voluntary.

Committee Vacancies

We currently have two roles vacant on the Geocaching Victoria Committee which we would love to fill. We are looking for team members that are willing to jump in and help with the following;

  • GVI Event organising
  • Facilitate fundraising activities
  • Support annual megas and their planning
  • Contribute to stories, website content and online collateral
  • Happy to join our monthly meetings and brainstorm together on creative activities for our community
  • Undertake support admin tasks as needed (we share these)
  • Be a team player and support the objectives of GVI
  • Be supportive of any Covid Safe Plans that are active
  • Be a representative of our wider Geocaching Community

If you are interested in applying for a committee role, please email Jo Cox at and provide an overview of what strengths you can bring to the team. Please feel free to share any past experiences that may support your application. Applications close Friday 25th March 2022.

Whittesea Mega Lead Vacancy

Sadly Karen (carkisser) has had to step back from both her GVI Committee Membership, but also as Lead of Whittlesea Mega due to heath reasons. Firstly, we thank Karen for her support and hard work til now, but also wish her well in the months ahead. Secondly, this leaves us with a vacancy for a new Mega Lead and so a new position has also become available.

We are looking for someone with experience and skills in event organisation (large scale). This doesn’t necessarily have to be geocaching events, it can be in other large corporate, workplace, planning conferences or other volunteer events. Mega’s usually attract in excess of 400 geocachers across the country. Other key skills we are looking for is as follows:

  • Experience in leading a team or committee
  • Event planning, logistics or coordination experience
  • Budget and forecasting experience (not mandatory as support will be given)
  • Great communicator and stakeholder management (Sponsors and Councils play a bit part in Mega Planning)
  • A can do, fun attitude to ensure we create the best Mega ever for our community.
  • Willingness to see the Mega Event through (scheduled Nov 2022)

We certainly don’t want to scare you off, so if you are committeed and passionate to giving it a go – please do reach out. It’s okay if you haven’t run a Mega before, you will have a Mega committee to support you but also the Geocaching Victoria Committte to also provide support and advice. We are all one big team.

If you are interested in applying for a Mega Lead role, please email Jo Cox at and provide an overview of what strengths you can bring to the team. Please feel free to share any past experiences that may support your application. Applications close Friday 25th March 2022.

And the winners are…..

I think we can all agree, that the Wangaratta Mega was a huge success and heaps of fun. Old friendships were rekindled, new geo-friends were made and hundreds, if not thousands of new caches were discovered.

But before we close the final curtain on the Mega, there is one more set of announcements we need to make. Below is a list of all the winners for each competition category. Please note if you are one of the successful receipients named below, email us directly and let us know your postage details, so we can send the prizes directly to you or confirm next steps on how to claim your prize.

Unobtanium Winners

1 – Winner at the Welcome to Wangaratta Event – The Coffee’s

2 – Winner at the CITO event – injuryman

3 – Winner at the Community Celebration Event – albida33

4 – Winner of MEGA FTF – fitzy_1965

5 – Winner of random draw from MEGA attendees – Bowdenfamily

6 – Winner of of all camp sites at the MEGA. – Aussie Liahona

7 – Winner at the Farewell from Wangaratta Event – barb2e

8 – Maze FTF – locus cache

9 – Maccamob Raffle – frilk

10 – Maze Letterboxes – Ausyowie

11 – Maze VIP Night – AlphaDeltaIndigo

12 – Bingo Winner – Joolay

Mega Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide us your Wangarratta Mega Feedback. We appreciate your comments, suggestions and areas you raised for celebration and acknowledgement. As mentioned, all those who completed the survey, went in the draw for a annual premium membership from Four memberships were up for grabs. The winner of these memberships are:

1. magpies22

2. dty73

3. suss vulture

4. Wilbert67

January Photography Competition – Mega Fun

There were so many great entries into this months photography competition, it was actually hard for us to reach a decision. However we have agreed to announce the following entry as the winner…. congratulations McAdies, an awesome capture of camping at the Mega as the light show rolled in! Please contact us so we can send you your Pathtag set.

Raffle Thank you’s

To everyone who contributed to our fundraising (either maccamob raffle or the FTF raffle), we have collected raised $1050 – a massive shout out and thank you to you. We will now be able to donate it to our chosen charity – North East Health Wangaratta –

Welcome to the Geocaching Family

Finally the last annoucement is that we always love to welcome and celebrate when a geocacher attends a Mega for the first time. The following geocachers attended their first Mega and were randomly selected to receive a years premium membership with Congratulations and welcome to the geo-famliy.

  • WolfTeam3
  • alissahgrace
  • BlackOpal2005
  • Sherpani8000
  • GeoJoe_

Raffle Thank you’s

To everyone who contributed to our fundraising (either maccamob raffle or the FTF raffle), we have collected raised $1050 – a massive shout out and thank you to you. We will now be able to donate it to our chosen charity – North East Health Wangaratta –