Australia Day Event & Souvenier

Hey all,

Who caught the announcement at the Alexandra Event last weekend from our visiting Lackey that the next big promotional souvenir for events to come out would be for Australia Day?

FernThat’s right, you heard it here first.  Geocaching HQ will award a souvenir for qualifying events that are held on Australia Day, 2018.  Similar to what they did with Donnerstag and Canada Day in 2017. There will be events held world wide to celebrate Australia Day.

But what are we going to do here in Victoria?

Well, Geocaching Victoria is holding its own Australia Day Event and its already published.  You can visit the listing and log your Will Attend (if you intend on coming) by following this link to the event listing.


SignalThe event is being held in All Nations Park because we wanted to celebrate the fact that Australia is made up of representatives of all nations, from every corner of the earth, including indigenous Australians.  So we felt that All Nations Park was a great place for this event.

We are currently working on Signal the Frog to see if he can make a special once only appearance from the USA at our event as well as possibly getting Fern to come along (who hasn’t been seen for a while either).  Free sausages for those who attend.  This is going to be one wonderful Australia Day!