We are just a little excited to let you know that the Whittlesea Mega is starting to get some momentum. Andrew Howard aka RoamingHowie has graciously accepted the role as Mega Lead and has recently formed a new committee to assist him. On behalf of GVI we send a big thank you to all those who have put their hand up to help and look forward to our next big event. To meet out the new Mega commitee, please follow this link.

If you have not yet registered your interest, please be sure to log it at GC8EW40

We are hoping in coming weeks, we can share information on:

  • camping options
  • lead up events
  • fundraising activities to get involved in
  • Event Program and more…

Please keep an eye on our website for regularly updates.

Thank you – Gemma

Sadly Gemma Siemensma has decided the time has come for her to step back from the GVI Committee to seek further family/ work life balance. That being said, she will continue to be the Geo-Tour and Maze Lead on behalf of GVI. We thank Gemma for all her hard work over the years, she will definitely be missed.

Don’t for get your Kudos

May is rapidly coming to an end, so dont forget to submit your Kudos to your fellow geocachers.

Remember to enter our monthly competition for the month of May, please tag a fellow geocacher below and share how they have made a difference to your geocaching experiences, provided guidance, helped you when you first started out, or where you have witnessed a generous act within our community that is worth calling out. This month its all about calling our those that make a difference within our community. Let’s celebrate them.

Cache Awards – Voting is now open

Victorian Cache Finalists have now been annouced and its over to you to start voting!

NOW… what we need you to do is….

Votes Close 30th September 2022 and will be announced at the Whittlesea Mega in Novemeber 2022

Victorian Cache Award Finalists 2020/21 Announced

It is with great excitement that GVI announces the finalists for the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards 2020/21. With nearly 300 nominations and some creative, extraordinary submissions, it makes for one exciting list.

We may have been restrained by covid and limited in our travels, but our creativity and passion for the game has shone through.

NOW… what we need you to do is….

Votes Close 30th September 2022 and will be announced at the Whittlesea Mega in Novemeber 2022

May Monthly Musings

It was great to see so many events hosted across Victoria last month and that our community was able to take full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Thank you to all of you that organised these events, the logs certainly indicate a great time was had by many.


Just a few quick updates from Geocaching Victoria – there are still many events scheduled in our calendar, so make sure you keep an eye on our ‘Upcoming Events Page‘, but also let us know if you would like an event added.


We know that we have been quiet in sharing further Whittlesea Mega details with you particularly around the accomadation and program, but we are hoping to do this in coming weeks. We just want to lock in some final details before we publish them. Fundraising continues in preparation for the Mega with the next two BBQ’s at Mernda Bunnings scheduled for Saturday 2nd July and Saturday 29th October. Please add these to your diary. A special thanks must go to Belinda and Don Parker, who work hard in the background to coordinate these for us. Further details will come out close to the dates.

April Competition – Share a Virtual Log Find

It was great to see so many within our community enjoy the new virtual caches that have recently been released. Thank you to all that submitted your log in the April GVI Competition, we thoroughly enjoyed reading all the logs. A big shout out must go to the winner this month – veevers12. Congratulations on your win. We will be in contact shortly to organise to get you your prize.

ABC – South West Interview – RoamingHowie

This month also saw another GVI Committee member promote this passionate game of ours. Congratulations to Andrew Howard (RoamingHowie) for a great interview on ABC – South West Victoria. You can listen to the interview below.

Victoria Cache of the Year Awards

Thanks to everyone in the community that has submitted nominations. We have been impressed by the high volume of submissions. In the next few weeks we will collate them and then share the list for voting. So watch this space!

We are planning to announce the winners of each category (2020-2021 awards) at the Whittlesea Mega, details are still being finalised. So keep an eye open for details in coming months. Also it should be noted that the 2019 Awards process was actually paused due to the Covid lockdowns. Voting did close, but the results were never shared. The announcement of the winners will also be at the Whittlesea Mega in November 2022.

Victorian Cache of the Year Awards 2020-2021 Kicks Off

Geocaching Victoria Inc is proud to announce the relaunch of the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards. These awards had been put on hold in recent years due to the Covid challenges we faced as a community, however we are excited to be kicking them off again. 

We are constantly amazed by the creative, inspirational and sometimes adventurous caches that are created within our community and we would love to both celebrate and promote these great caches.

There are now 12 different categories open for nomination, some of which will be familiar and others that are new. For all nominations caches will need to have been published in Victoria between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021.

For further information on eligibility criteria, nomination and voting process and key dates, please refer to the Geocaching Victoria webpage for full details.

The award for the top geocacher goes to….

TopGeocacherBack in the early part of 2017, Geocaching Victoria ran an event at Lerderderg  State Park to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of the very first event held in Victoria.  The event was held at the exact same spot as the original and we spent some time tracking down the original attendees to see if as many of them as possible could make it to the 15 year anniversary event.  However, through this process we also learnt that there was also a trophy awarded on the day, back in 2002, to the top geocacher of Victoria.  The trophy was supposed to be a perpetual trophy where it was re-awarded every year to the top geocacher.  Except, there never was another event organized and the trophy was almost totally forgotten about.

The trophy was awarded back in 2002 to Ian from Dashing Dog Mac.  Whilst Ian isn’t an active geocacher anymore, we were able to track him down through other channels and it turned out that not only would he love to come along to the anniversary event, but importantly, he still had the trophy!  The anniversary event was an amazing success with 70 teams making their way out on a cold winter’s day to the Lerderderg Gorge to sit around and talk geocaching and reminisce about the old days.  Also, we got chatting to Ian from Dashing Dog Mac and it eventuated that he was happy to hand the trophy over for it to be re-awarded every year as was the original intentions.

So now who to award the trophy too?  Geocaching Victoria in September last year decided on a set of measuring tools.  These tools were designed to capture three major aspects of geocaching in the placing of geocaches, the finding of geocaches and the participation in the geocaching community.  Each category was to be given a set of measuring tools which would award points to the top geocachers in Victoria.  It was decided that when all this was done, the top 5 teams overall would be put to the Geocaching Victoria committee for a vote on who should get the award.

So in early 2018 all the relevant reports were run and a group of 5 very prominent geocaching teams immerged.  These 5 teams, in no particular order, were put to the Geocaching Victoria committee and the votes were cast and a winner was decided.  It was intended that the winner was to be announced at the annual Victorian Cache of the Year Awards a few weeks ago, but in the end we forgot (sorry).

So now we would like to take this opportunity to announce that the winner of the 2017 Victorian Top Geocacher award goes to Clever Monkey.  His efforts in placing some spectacular hides, as well as his massive efforts in his community involvement through 2017 saw him easily elevated into one of the top five positions and although the votes from the Victorian Geocaching committee were very very close, Clever Monkey was the eventual winner.

Geocaching Victoria would like to thank Steve for all his efforts that he put into last year, both with the MEGA and also his own personal geocaching ventures.  The Victorian geocaching community is a richer and more exciting place because of his efforts.  Well done and we will endeavour to get your trophy to you for the rest of this year.