Cachers by Cachers – McAdies (Ballarat)

Ben and Karen McAdie are cachers based in Ballarat. They are often seen with their children Eddie and Maeve (who both have geocaching accounts). As I am relatively new to wider Victoria I had been trying to see as much of Victoria as possible and attending events was how I was trying to go about it. So I met them at an event in Ballarat in October 2014. We got to chatting over their then very new baby Maeve (very cute: see photo). I have caught up with them at several events since then and we are both members of … Continue reading Cachers by Cachers – McAdies (Ballarat)

Cachers by Cachers – Romax

Profile submitted by maccamob, in consultation with The Swaggies, Ian and Penny, and The Morris: We met Roma and Max at “A Monk’s Vow”, near Castlemaine, on 18 August 2004. David was trying to search inconspicuously, when we saw a sprightly couple approaching, smiling just like their avatar. Mary headed to intercept them and launched into one of her standard muggle explanations, like “we’re just enjoying the bush/trees/wattle/birds”, but this time that didn’t cut it at all. Over the years since, we have cached with them many times and met them at countless Events, where they are always free with … Continue reading Cachers by Cachers – Romax

Cachers by Cachers – sedgwickDave

Profile submitted by ahomburg: I first met sedgwickDave at the Easter at Home event During Easter 2011. My third or fourth event and the first time speaking to anyone from the caching world. Dave was a softly spoken guy and we hit it off straight away, mainly I think because we lived very close to each other. While not a prolific hider, his caches are of a good quality and definitely follow the Morsix rules. The first of his caches I did in 2011 was slide and seek, a traditional first hide. He followed that up with a trio of … Continue reading Cachers by Cachers – sedgwickDave

Cachers by Cachers – muzza

Profile submitted by LouiseAnn: When I first started geocaching back in 2009, muzza’s puzzle cachers were some of the first ones I discovered, and some of the first ones I felt like I could solve. I wasn’t able to solve them quickly or easily but they really challenged me and I could see that they could be solved, if I worked hard enough. My first win was GCPWN9 – Puzzlemania #6 – Sudoku Challenge. I had been working away on it for quite a few days. I had even dragged my ‘non-caching other half’ in on it. I had printed out … Continue reading Cachers by Cachers – muzza

Cachers by Cachers

We want to feature a Victorian Geocacher to help you get to know some of the known, and lesser known, people who play our game. Each profile will be written by someone that knows the geocacher as a tribute, rather than an interview style by the geocacher themselves. All the profiles will be listed here and tagged so you can find them easily. If you are interested in writing one for a geocacher you admire, please contact us using the feedback form accessed from the menu. Continue reading Cachers by Cachers