We Want You …

Geocaching Victoria Inc doesn’t just run itself, in the background are a dedicated bunch of passionate geocachers just like you working away to make geocaching better for everyone in Victoria.

Do you feel you have something to offer? We’d love to hear from you. We have three positions vacant on our committee and want to fill them with people as passionate and driven as us. These are to replace one committee member who resigned for personal reasons, and to increase our team by two, to spread the workload around a little thinner.
This position is for the Geocaching Victoria Committee, not the Wangaratta Event, or any other mega event. If you would like to join us in helping further the cause of Geocaching in Victoria then feel free to nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission) by sending us an email to president@geocachingvictoria.com.au by cob Sunday June 6, 2021.

Please note any Victorian based geocacher may apply. We do have meetings that are usually held in Melbourne, but in recent times, we’ve moved over to zoom, so they can be attended in person or electronically.   All nominations will be put towards a community voting process in the next few weeks.

Isolation Competition

Who wants to win something shiny?

With Victoria in various states of lockdown we thought we might have a bit of fun.

Have you heard of Strava Lockdown Art? (Google it to see some inspiration). Strava is an app which can track your exercise – think run/cycle/skate. People have been very creative bringing some fun and laughter to their current situation.

We are throwing out the challenge for geocachers to do their own Stava Lockdown Art (or a similar app).

You’ve got 5 weeks (September 13th) to submit to gemmasiemensma@gmail.com or upload to a Facebook Post (and tag Gemma). Bonus points if it’s geocaching related…

Here’s one from fellow geocacher Jason Groves who inspired this competition idea!



Whittlesea Event Cancellation & 2021 MEGA Announcement

Hello all.

After much discussion between Geocaching Victoria and the Whittlesea Organising Committee it is with some disappointment, but with the safety of the geocaching community in mind, and the current stage of disaster in Victoria, that we have decided to postpone the 2020 Mega Event. The Whittlesea Event will still occur at a date to be determined.

Unfortunately the committee does not believe this pandemic will be “over” or anywhere near normality for a gathering as big as ours.

I know there are many of you that will be very disappointed, but this decision was not taken lightly.

For those that have ordered Whittlesea merchandise like Geocoins, Pathtags or Event Shirts as well as anyone that was going to be camping onsite over the mega weekend, refunds will be issued (in due course – there are lots to process).

For those that want to have a Victorian MEGA Event to look forward to, we are SUPER excited to announce that the 2021 MEGA Event will be held in the North East of the state, in the beautiful town of Wangaratta. The committee have been busy at work getting things organised and ready. More information can be obtained from our website The Wangaratta Event 2021. We hope to see you all there next year.

Expressions of Interest – Info Sessions

The Whittlesea Event is getting closer by the day. It’s no longer “next years” event, it’s now THIS year!!

We are looking for expressions of interest for information sessions.

Have you run a session for us in the past, and after the break, you’re ready to do it again?

Are you new to info sessions, but have a burning passion that you would love to share with others?

Is there a particular skill or knowledge you have that you believe would appeal to others, and you’re willing to teach it?

Some suggestions:  GSAK, Puzzles, Whereigo, Adventure Labs, Cachetour.no etc.

Alternatively, if there is a session you really want to attend, send your suggestions through

Emails to president@geocachingvictoria.com.au and include

  • real name and caching name.
  • What session you’d be interested in running.
  • What day/time suits you best.
  • What sort of infrastructure do you need to run your session? Display tables, av equipment etc.

We will get back to you with questions for information.


GVI Updates

GVI is expanding the team, to enable us to better meet the needs of the community.

We welcome aboard Donna Moore (Jaktembo) and Rod Lyon (n0w0rries) as affiliate members, and thank them for the contributions they will be making to the team.

Donna has been tasked with a new role, Membership Coordinator. We’ve talked many times over years about having some form of membership, but without having someone tasked solely with the task, we were just floundering. Donna will look at other community groups and the different forms of membership that they have. Donna will then present the GVI Committee with two or three options to discuss and consider. Once the Committee has made some decisions, Donna will then progress with putting something together that we can present to the community at large and then put into practice.

Rod is our brand spanking new CITO Coordinator. Many of you are already aware that we have a goal of one CITO per month, somewhere in Victoria. Unfortunately, it’s proved to be a bigger job than we realised, and coupled with the time required for us to organise and run Mega’s, work in our own jobs, spend time with family and hopefully do our own caching, it was just impossible. A decision was made to appoint someone to fulfill that role for us, and lucky for us and for the wider community, Rod has agreed and is already enthusiastically working on upcoming events.

We can’t wait to work closely with both in their new roles!

On another note, Louise is having some time out. Louise is taking a 3 month sabbatical (with a potential for this being extended), and her committee spot will be temporarily taken up by Donna Moore. During this time, Louise remains Vice President, and will be available for that role if required. Donna will take on the day to day jobs that Louise was managing, and will help to keep things humming along.