Expressions of Interest – Info Sessions

The Whittlesea Event is getting closer by the day. It’s no longer “next years” event, it’s now THIS year!! We are looking for expressions of interest for information sessions. Have you run a session for us in the past, and after the break, you’re ready to do it again? Are you new to info sessions, but have a burning passion that you would love to share with others? Is there a particular skill or knowledge you have that you believe would appeal to others, and you’re willing to teach it? Some suggestions:  GSAK, Puzzles, Whereigo, Adventure Labs, etc. Alternatively, … Continue reading Expressions of Interest – Info Sessions

GVI Updates

GVI is expanding the team, to enable us to better meet the needs of the community. We welcome aboard Donna Moore (Jaktembo) and Rod Lyon (n0w0rries) as affiliate members, and thank them for the contributions they will be making to the team. Donna has been tasked with a new role, Membership Coordinator. We’ve talked many times over years about having some form of membership, but without having someone tasked solely with the task, we were just floundering. Donna will look at other community groups and the different forms of membership that they have. Donna will then present the GVI Committee … Continue reading GVI Updates

The Whittlesea Event Logo

We need a new logo for our 2020 Event, so we’re putting it out to the masses. The logo needs to be easily translated to embroidery. What to consider: Purple Shirt City meets Country Bushland National Parks Reservoirs If we choose your design, you will win a rare Whittlesea Event Unobtanium coin. You have two weeks. All submissions to be in to by 8pm EDST Thursday, 19th December 2019. Annnndddd GO! Continue reading The Whittlesea Event Logo

The St Arnaud Event – Wrap Up

The dust has settled around St Arnaud and it’s just those last few things that the committee find themselves doing to tie off all those loose ends! What an EVENT! What a Year! Are you ready for 2020? Receipts Game Winner Congratulations to muff1 for being the winner of the receipts game. A staggering $20,830.84 was tallied in physical receipts – that’s incredible and certainly helps demonstrate the economic impact geocaching events can have in rural areas! This can be broken down into: Petrol: $3866.37; Accommodation: $7247.00; Food: $7238.13 (so many coffees); Other: $2488.21 (pharmacy, books, crafts, clothes, op shops, … Continue reading The St Arnaud Event – Wrap Up

The St Arnaud Event – follow up information

The Mega might have officially finished but we know plenty of geocachers are still out and about and as with any event there is always some follow up information! Signal Trackables Did you get a picture with Signal on Saturday and miss out on an “I Met Signal” trackable? We have a few left to send out so add your Signal image on the Geocaching Victoria Facebook page or email it to and we will randomly select 10 winners! Receipts Game Forgot to pop your receipts in the box or no longer in town to drop them at the … Continue reading The St Arnaud Event – follow up information