Whittlesea Event Cancellation & 2021 MEGA Announcement

Hello all.

After much discussion between Geocaching Victoria and the Whittlesea Organising Committee it is with some disappointment, but with the safety of the geocaching community in mind, and the current stage of disaster in Victoria, that we have decided to postpone the 2020 Mega Event. The Whittlesea Event will still occur at a date to be determined.

Unfortunately the committee does not believe this pandemic will be “over” or anywhere near normality for a gathering as big as ours.

I know there are many of you that will be very disappointed, but this decision was not taken lightly.

For those that have ordered Whittlesea merchandise like Geocoins, Pathtags or Event Shirts as well as anyone that was going to be camping onsite over the mega weekend, refunds will be issued (in due course – there are lots to process).

For those that want to have a Victorian MEGA Event to look forward to, we are SUPER excited to announce that the 2021 MEGA Event will be held in the North East of the state, in the beautiful town of Wangaratta. The committee have been busy at work getting things organised and ready. More information can be obtained from our website The Wangaratta Event 2021. We hope to see you all there next year.

1 thought on “Whittlesea Event Cancellation & 2021 MEGA Announcement

  1. So many Geocaching Events cancelled in our special 20th year of Geocaching. So sad. We hope The Wangaratta Event will be something good to look forward to in 2021.

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