RSVP Required – (GC8HMWW) Community Celebration in Wangaratta

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this event, the Wangaratta Football Club has asked for the meals to be divided into 2 sittings. One at 6pm and one at 8pm. 

We need to confirm both attendance at this event as well as an indication of meal preference.

Please fill in this form as it will be used to confirm you are still coming to this event, what time you would like your free dinner reservation for, and an indication of which meal you might prefer on the night.

This will greatly help the Wangaratta Football Club in preparing our meals and the night to run as smoothly as possible. If everyone could fill this form in by Tuesday 2pm, the numbers will then be sent to the football club to confirm.

January Photography Competition

Welcome to Geocaching Victoria’s Photography Competition for January 2022. The theme for this month is “Mega Fun in Wangaratta”.

Everyone is welcome to enter this months competition, but each entry must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Take a photo geocaching in the Wangaratta LGA during the month of January 2022 at either a Mega event or collecting a cache in the area.
  2. Digitally log the cache
  3. One entry per person
  4. Submit entry by midnight 31st January 2022 via email

Entries need to be emailed to with the following details

  • Name of photographer
  • Geocaching name
  • GC code where photo was taken (event or cache)
  • Mobile number

The Geocaching Victoria Committee will select the winning entry and contact the winner directly. The winner will receive a Wangaratta Mega Pathtag set.

Please note that we may use any photo’s submitted for future geocaching promotional material.


Unobtaniums are an extremely limited edition geocoin – almost unobtainable in fact. There is no way these can be purchased and as such are highly sought after. Mega Events are traditionally the only way you can secure one of these rare coins and so obtaining the unobtainable has become a highlight for many geocachers since the inaugural Mega in 2015.

Over the weekend of the Wangaratta MEGA, there are ten ways to win an unobtanium geocoin.

1 – Be the lucky draw prize winner at the Welcome to Wangaratta Event *

2 – Be the lucky draw prize winner at the CITO event on the Saturday *

3 – Be the lucky draw prize winner at the Community Celebration Event *

4 – Be a lucky random draw person of all MEGA attendees *

5 – Be a lucky random draw person of all camp sites at the MEGA.

6 – Be the lucky draw prize winner at the Farewell from Wangaratta Event *

7 – Win the FTF raffle draw

8 – Win the Maccamob hamper draw

9 – Win the Cachers Bingo Draw (see inside event bag for details)

10 – Find one of the random caches in the Wangaratta LGA over the weekend that has one of these coins in it.

Will you be one of the lucky ones to collect an Unobtainium at the Mega?

* Please note that for events that normally require a log book, we will be using the digital “found it log” on the event cache. We will allow time for people to catch up on their logs, but they must be logged by Friday 28th January to be eligible for the draw. Winners will be notified after this date.

Mega Event FTF and ‘maccamob’ Raffle

For some of you this may be your first Mega, for others perhaps you are an avid supporter. Either way, one of the most sort after prizes, is the Mega Event FTF.

Let me explain how it works. When you attend a Mega Event, you log your attendance as per usual, but it is not the first person to ‘log’ attendence that gets the FTF, this is decided by the drawing of a FTF Raffle. The person that wins the FTF raffle gets the honour of calling themselves the FTF for the Mega Event. A highly sort after title.

The other traditional raffle we host is the maccamob raffle, where our lovely ‘Hall of Fame’ receipients, Mary and David ‘maccamob’ MacCarthy donate a hamper for the raffle.

Tickets for both raffles are also available at the registration desk and proceeds will go to North East Health Wangaratta –

Winners of both raffles will also receive an unobtainium coin.

Mega Update

After further consultation with the Rural City of Wangaratta Council, we have been advised that a portion of the Showgrounds will be also used as a COVID Testing Site. Please note this only impacts on the southern end of the grounds and does not effect the Mega location. This also includes no impact to the MAZE, Community Celebration Event or any other planned activities over the course of the weekend.

As a result of this change, we will be required to relocate a small number of camping spots due to an increase in traffic. Those impacted will be contacted shortly to confirm your new location.

All access to the Mega (campers and day visitors) and to the campgrounds will be from the northern end of the Showgrounds, by following Schilling Drive. Waypoints are available on Mega Event page (GC8EW45)

Please note, that we will be releasing a more detailed COVID Safe plan outlining event check-in procedures and additional information shortly.