Mega Event FTF and ‘maccamob’ Raffle

For some of you this may be your first Mega, for others perhaps you are an avid supporter. Either way, one of the most sort after prizes, is the Mega Event FTF.

Let me explain how it works. When you attend a Mega Event, you log your attendance as per usual, but it is not the first person to ‘log’ attendence that gets the FTF, this is decided by the drawing of a FTF Raffle. The person that wins the FTF raffle gets the honour of calling themselves the FTF for the Mega Event. A highly sort after title.

The other traditional raffle we host is the maccamob raffle, where our lovely ‘Hall of Fame’ receipients, Mary and David ‘maccamob’ MacCarthy donate a hamper for the raffle.

Tickets for both raffles are also available at the registration desk and proceeds will go to North East Health Wangaratta –

Winners of both raffles will also receive an unobtainium coin.

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