Mega Update

After further consultation with the Rural City of Wangaratta Council, we have been advised that a portion of the Showgrounds will be also used as a COVID Testing Site. Please note this only impacts on the southern end of the grounds and does not effect the Mega location. This also includes no impact to the MAZE, Community Celebration Event or any other planned activities over the course of the weekend.

As a result of this change, we will be required to relocate a small number of camping spots due to an increase in traffic. Those impacted will be contacted shortly to confirm your new location.

All access to the Mega (campers and day visitors) and to the campgrounds will be from the northern end of the Showgrounds, by following Schilling Drive. Waypoints are available on Mega Event page (GC8EW45)

Please note, that we will be releasing a more detailed COVID Safe plan outlining event check-in procedures and additional information shortly.

3 thoughts on “Mega Update

  1. Great update, thank you. Just a thought for your covid safe plans … for the celebration event, there may be some that are nervous about indoor dining. Would the football club consider offering a takeaway option do you think? I was only concerned that some “will attends” may not show and this might help reduce any losses the club may get from leftover unpurchased food?? Jo

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    • Hi Jo, Thanks for your question. As it is being held at a venue, we follow their covid safe plan for the dinner. We have confirmed that they have required density limit applied to seating. There will also be two sittings for dinner and an option for outside dinning . Cheers Jo Cox

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