Juicy July Goss!

We have offically passed solstice, so I for one am looking forward to the warmer days and longer days of sunshine!! Despite the weather, it has been great to see so many events occuring over the past month and we loved seeing your photos, so thank you for sharing! June’s Event Photo competition winner is Cracknleelee. We will be in contact soon with details of your prize.

What is amazing though, we appear to have more events scheduled in July than we did last month, so if you have a free weekend, make sure you check out all the events on offer.

BernieH’s July Challenge

For the month of July, we have a special challenge… one set by our lovely committee member Bernie Hollaway. As I am sure most of you know, he has been caching for the past ten years and has achieved so many milestones but he has one that has elluded him for some time that he would love to achieve……. and for anyone who loves data, numbers and challenges, will appreciate this.

Bernie has one final date left in his “Placed caches by found date” – which means for all the caches he currently has hidden (over 100 active caches), they have been found on every calendar day EXCEPT ONE!! That key date is 11th July!!!

And so the challenge for the month is, you need to find a BernieH cache on the 11th July and the winner will be the best found log for a find on that day on a BernieH hide! To help you with this challenge, we have created a BernieH cache list – https://coord.info/BMB60XG

How did we get to JUNE!!

Winter is definitely upon us with colder days and shorter hours of sunlight, but hopefully everyone is managing to still get out and find those caches!

A big thanks to all those who contributed to the Kudos month of May – it was great to see so many in our community recognised and celebrated and if you didn’t get to read them, it is well worth going through the great posts.

We have two special winners for May… firstly from all the geocachers that nominated, our winner was Noam (leafotwind) and for those nominated it was Peter (MisterDoctor). We will be in touch soon to organise your monthly prize congratulations.

Now with June upon us, we launch our new competition. During the month of June, we have a number of events schedule across Victoria – we are hoping that you can attend one, take a photo and share it of your group. We would love to see a photo from a June event, but all 2022 event photos will be accepted as part of the competition.

Please note, any pictures shared may be used on our website or publications. We look forward to seeing your group photos.

May Competition

To enter our monthly competition for the month of May, please tag a fellow geocacher below and share how they have made a difference to your geocaching experiences, provided guidance, helped you when you first started out, or where you have witnessed a generous act within our community that is worth calling out. This month its all about calling our those that make a difference within our community. Let’s celebrate them.

There will be two random winners selected – one for those that nominate and one for those that are recognised. We look forward to reading your stories.


Firstly a massive thank you to everyone that participated in the March competition – we had a great response both to those hunting the hidden trackable, but also to the website. We loved reading your feedback. The winner of our competition is cathlud. Congratulations on your win, we will be in touch shortly.

But of course, it’s not over yet – as we are happy to announce the April Competition. With so many new virtuals being published over the past few weeks, we thought that it would be great to share and promote the new virtuals released as part of release 3.0.

To enter the competition, you have to find a Virtual cache within Victoria and share the link to the log below. Over recent years there has been three releases of Virtuals since the original release in 2000-2005. Below is a link to the active ones, with release 3.0 the latest.

If you do happen to find a Virtual that is not listed above, please let us know and we can add it. Good luck! We look forward to reading about all your virtual finds logs. A winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month.

Where is the Trackable Code?

For our March Geocaching Victoria competition we are doing something a little different….. we have hidden a trackable code on our website and your job is to find it and “discover it!”

In the past month, we have done a make-over on our website and have added lots of new content and photos. We really wanted to create on on-line experience with our website that catered for everyone – a place for new geocachers to come and learn tips and tricks on how to grow their geo-senses, improve their puzzle skills but also learn about other facets of the game. We want to also attract the seasoned geocachers to return to keep up to date with local geo-news and events in their area.

A special thank you must go to our amazing Victorian geocacing community, who when we put out the call for you to share your photos – you over delivered! The incredible volume of photos we received of your caching adventures, your creative finds and the breathtaking cache locations were too good not to share. We have included as many as we were able. We hope you enjoy the new website. Please do let us know if there are other things that you would like to see added.

OH! And getting back to the competition… search through the new website, find the trackable code and discover it. Everyone who discovers the trackable will go into a draw at the end of the month for a special geo-prize. Just one ask – when you find it – please don’t share online, or in forums, where and how you found the code… that just ruins the fun. Happy hunting all!