May Monthly Musings

It was great to see so many events hosted across Victoria last month and that our community was able to take full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Thank you to all of you that organised these events, the logs certainly indicate a great time was had by many.


Just a few quick updates from Geocaching Victoria – there are still many events scheduled in our calendar, so make sure you keep an eye on our ‘Upcoming Events Page‘, but also let us know if you would like an event added.


We know that we have been quiet in sharing further Whittlesea Mega details with you particularly around the accomadation and program, but we are hoping to do this in coming weeks. We just want to lock in some final details before we publish them. Fundraising continues in preparation for the Mega with the next two BBQ’s at Mernda Bunnings scheduled for Saturday 2nd July and Saturday 29th October. Please add these to your diary. A special thanks must go to Belinda and Don Parker, who work hard in the background to coordinate these for us. Further details will come out close to the dates.

April Competition – Share a Virtual Log Find

It was great to see so many within our community enjoy the new virtual caches that have recently been released. Thank you to all that submitted your log in the April GVI Competition, we thoroughly enjoyed reading all the logs. A big shout out must go to the winner this month – veevers12. Congratulations on your win. We will be in contact shortly to organise to get you your prize.

ABC – South West Interview – RoamingHowie

This month also saw another GVI Committee member promote this passionate game of ours. Congratulations to Andrew Howard (RoamingHowie) for a great interview on ABC – South West Victoria. You can listen to the interview below.

Victoria Cache of the Year Awards

Thanks to everyone in the community that has submitted nominations. We have been impressed by the high volume of submissions. In the next few weeks we will collate them and then share the list for voting. So watch this space!

We are planning to announce the winners of each category (2020-2021 awards) at the Whittlesea Mega, details are still being finalised. So keep an eye open for details in coming months. Also it should be noted that the 2019 Awards process was actually paused due to the Covid lockdowns. Voting did close, but the results were never shared. The announcement of the winners will also be at the Whittlesea Mega in November 2022.

Year 2021 in Numbers

Secretly many of us are total nerds…GEONERDS! We love the numbers, the databases (GSAK, Project GC), pocket queries, caching stats, dates, finds, hides, logs, maps, FTF numbers, streaks, DT’s… the list goes on! The beauty of the game is that there is lots of ways to play, lots of challenges to chase and more than enough caches to keep us busy.

Despite much of the state in and out of lockdown during 2021, many of us still managed to get out and cache. But have you wondered how your numbers stacked up against others in the geocaching community?

In the spirit of fun, we thought we would share some of those numbers with you! Congratulations to those that made the list! Please note that Lab Caches are not part of the statistics listed below.

Disaster and Charity

The last few days has seen the community come together, dig deep to help out 2 causes that I am very passionate about.

For the last 4 years, Geocaching Victoria has been fundraising to help out several teams taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker event by releasing a special geocoin. This year, in light of the bushfire disaster that is currently happening in the east and north east of Victoria, Geocaching Victoria have decided to make this years coin a dual charity coin. All profits from the sale of this coin will be split 50/50 between The Oxfam Trailwalker Teams and the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. The Victorian Government has partnered with Bendigo Bank and The Salvation Army to establish the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

I am immensely proud of my community who have come together as one and without prompting have shown their support by pre purchasing one of these beautifully designed geocoins. (Thanks Darren – Omegaman Designs)

If you have not ordered a coin yet, please dig deep, there is still time, just head to the Geocaching Victoria Store and place your order.


Thank you all once again,

Cache on.


GVI Updates

GVI is expanding the team, to enable us to better meet the needs of the community.

We welcome aboard Donna Moore (Jaktembo) and Rod Lyon (n0w0rries) as affiliate members, and thank them for the contributions they will be making to the team.

Donna has been tasked with a new role, Membership Coordinator. We’ve talked many times over years about having some form of membership, but without having someone tasked solely with the task, we were just floundering. Donna will look at other community groups and the different forms of membership that they have. Donna will then present the GVI Committee with two or three options to discuss and consider. Once the Committee has made some decisions, Donna will then progress with putting something together that we can present to the community at large and then put into practice.

Rod is our brand spanking new CITO Coordinator. Many of you are already aware that we have a goal of one CITO per month, somewhere in Victoria. Unfortunately, it’s proved to be a bigger job than we realised, and coupled with the time required for us to organise and run Mega’s, work in our own jobs, spend time with family and hopefully do our own caching, it was just impossible. A decision was made to appoint someone to fulfill that role for us, and lucky for us and for the wider community, Rod has agreed and is already enthusiastically working on upcoming events.

We can’t wait to work closely with both in their new roles!

On another note, Louise is having some time out. Louise is taking a 3 month sabbatical (with a potential for this being extended), and her committee spot will be temporarily taken up by Donna Moore. During this time, Louise remains Vice President, and will be available for that role if required. Donna will take on the day to day jobs that Louise was managing, and will help to keep things humming along.

The St Arnaud Event – Are You Ready?

Can you believe the MEGA is about to start – are you ready? We thought this blog should consist of all the things you need to remember!

What to Bring

  • A chair (especially for Saturday night)
  • Water bottle (refill station on site)
  • Coffee mug (free instant coffee and tea from Rotary)
  • Change for raffles & food (supporting local organisations)
  • A pen (for all those caches you will find)
  • Extra food (St Arnaud is a small town with limited trading hours for shops – please come prepared)



Apps to Download

  • The Geocaching App (otherwise how will you find all those hundreds of caches that are around?)
  • The Adventure Lab App (to do all the Lab Caches mentioned above – two are already released with two more Saturday morning so that’s 4 Adventures totalling 40 Lab Caches)
  • The Wherigo App (there are some Play Anywhere Wherigos around the town which you can do now from home and also one that will have you doing laps of the Main St)
  • YouTube App (this might come in handy for some Lab Caches which are released Saturday morning)
  •  Metaverse App (there is an Augmented Reality Cache GC7Z1Z2 in town if you are keen for something different)


An ORANGE ribbon

Travelling to St Arnaud for the MEGA Event? Tie an ORANGE ribbon or two to your car so we can all see each other.



Be ready to HAVE FUN and CREATE some

new MEMORIES in a wonderful part