Fundraising for the GVI Oxfam Teams

A message from members of the GVI Oxfam Teams on their latest fundraising exploits.  

Karen, Adriaan and Donna have been busily working behind-the-scenes to organise some fundraisers, that will be fun for us all. 

The first fundraiser is a TREASURE HUNT 

Pre-register HERE

The treasure hunt is being held at Brimbank park on March 2.

The treasure hunt has a $10 entry fee per person/team. Entry fees can be paid direct to an Oxfam team, or to GVI who will divvy up the profits between the four teams.

Entry fees via GVI can be paid HERE

Or direct to a team

Oxfam Teams below:

GVI1 – Looking for GroundZero

carkisser – Karen, Jaktembo – Donna, Jaktembo – Erica, Muggle Friend – Christine

GVI2 – Anatidaephobics

Lever’s – Frauke, Teammoss5 – Jess, Bucks23 – Neil, Marcus Vitruvius – Warren

GVI3 – Back for more

Day1976 – Day, Jentrek1 – Jenny, The Welder – Ross, Vacant Position

GVI4 – Again Really Yep

Ahomburg – Adriaan, Ruverbug Jam – Sharon, Loz6032 – Lauren, Buhfuhguh – Michael

Mention treasure hunt with your donations direct to Oxfam teams so we can track payments. 

This is being held a few hours before a CITO for GVI. All of the treasure that you will collect on the day will have an undisclosed random number of points assigned to it and once the points are added up the winners will receive prizes. 

The great part about this is that the treasure that you collect will also form the first pile of rubbish for the CITO.  So you can come for the treasure hunt and stay for the CITO or just be at either one it’s up to you, but we would definitely love to see you for both.

CITO – Log your Will Attend

Bring gloves. We should have enough hessian bags to go around and we have some grabber tools too. There will also be a fundraising sausage sizzle prior to the official CITO event  with sausages in bread and a small selection of drinks available for purchase  


Stay posted, we’re hoping to set up other fun fundraisers 😜

Friends of Parks Vic

Geocaching Victoria Incorporated is very excited to announce that we are now officially affiliated with Parks Vic.

In coming months, we will undergo some information sessions with their rangers that will enable us to set up and run CITO events without having to obtain prior authorisation. Something that usually needs to be organised months in advance, as it requires one of their rangers to be present. Once everything is finalised, we will have members who will be trained in the safety briefings, and they will act as de facto rangers for us.

Parks Vic requires that we all be registered on their website, linked to GV’s group. They are aware that registered numbers don’t usually equate to numbers on the day, so registering does not obligate you to attend anything we set up.

So, whether you’re a prolific CITO attendee, only go to one a year (around mega time), or haven’t attended one yet, but would like to in the future, please take a few minutes to register.


Registration is fairly straight forward. You will need to confirm your email address. Once registered, go to Volunteer – Search groups and type Geocaching into the filter. Geocaching Victoria will appear. At the end of the line, use the little drop down arrow to join GV group.

Once this is running at full speed, all of our Parks Vic CITO activities will be listed on their website, as well as an official CITO event page.

The Committee look forward to seeing a long list of registrations and can’t wait to see you at a CITO soon!

Geocaching Victoria and Parks Vic join forces to help clean up.


Has anyone seen our new CITO?

Geocaching Victoria has struck up a relationship with Parks Victoria to grow an initiative to help clean up the State and National Parks within Victoria.  Using the wonderful idea of CITO, Geocaching Victoria plan to work with Parks Victoria in identifying areas of parks under their control that need cleaning up, or weed removal, or planting or maybe track maintenance and then to organize CITOs at these locations so that the geocaching community of Victoria can help Parks Victoria continue to maintain the wonderful parks that we get to play in.

We plan to run these CITOs in sites identified by Parks Victoria as being in need of our help, and the first one is scheduled for April the 28th, so you will get the new CITO souvenir for showing up too!  Help show your support for this new initiative by coming along to our next CITO and help Geocaching Victoria and Parks Victoria clean up Braeside Park.  There will be a BBQ breakfast between 9am and 10am and a briefing by the ranger at 10am.  Visit this link for all the information and to log your “Will Attend” if you plan on coming along.