Expressions of Interest – Info Sessions

The Whittlesea Event is getting closer by the day. It’s no longer “next years” event, it’s now THIS year!!

We are looking for expressions of interest for information sessions.

Have you run a session for us in the past, and after the break, you’re ready to do it again?

Are you new to info sessions, but have a burning passion that you would love to share with others?

Is there a particular skill or knowledge you have that you believe would appeal to others, and you’re willing to teach it?

Some suggestions:  GSAK, Puzzles, Whereigo, Adventure Labs, etc.

Alternatively, if there is a session you really want to attend, send your suggestions through

Emails to and include

  • real name and caching name.
  • What session you’d be interested in running.
  • What day/time suits you best.
  • What sort of infrastructure do you need to run your session? Display tables, av equipment etc.

We will get back to you with questions for information.


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