Cachers by Cachers – muzza

Profile submitted by LouiseAnn:

When I first started geocaching back in 2009, muzza’s puzzle cachers were some of the first ones I discovered, and some of the first ones I felt like I could solve. I wasn’t able to solve them quickly or easily but they really challenged me and I could see that they could be solved, if I worked hard enough.

My first win was GCPWN9 – Puzzlemania #6 – Sudoku Challenge. I had been working away on it for quite a few days. I had even dragged my ‘non-caching other half’ in on it. I had printed out a heap of copies of the puzzle and every time I made a mistake I would pull out another one and start again. Finally, when I felt like I was never going to solve it, I had a breakthrough!! The puzzle was solved!! Although it was late afternoon in winter, I dragged the other half out, on our motorcycles, and we went to get the cache. After a bit of a hunt, I was able to find it. (Picking up a year and a half unloved, before unloved even existed) Going back and reading my log, I can still feel the same sense of excitement I had at the time.

After this win, I looked at every other muzza cache I could find and went out to find and got a lot of enjoyment out of them. I have met muzza at many events since 2009 and he has always been very friendly and patient with my (and others) questions. Never giving the puzzle away, but offering helpful hints or nudges. Having cached since 2001, with nearly 10,000 finds and having hidden nearly 100 caches over the year, I think muzza is a stalwart of the Victorian caching community. Thanks for all the adventures muzza and I can’t wait for the next one!

muzza at Murphy’s Haystacks in November 2014

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