Geocaches surrounding the Parkville Event

The Parkville Event is centred in one of the most densely populated geocache areas in Australia.  While there are geocaches all over the city of Melbourne and throughout the great state of Victoria, lets just talk for a bit about the wide variety of geocaches available just within only a 12 kilometre radius of where the Parkville Event, 2018 is going to be held.

  • There are currently 835 geocaches within a 12 kilometre radius of The Parkville Event, 2018
  • This includes…
    • 521 traditional geocaches
    • 145 multi caches
    • 116 unknowns
    • 19 earth caches
    • 11 virtuals
    • 8 letterbox hybrids
    • 7 wherigos
  • 66 of the 81 D/T combos are currently available within 12 kilometres of The Parkville Event, 2018.  So if you are looking to fill your DT Matrix, this will be very helpful
  • There is a geocache from every year from 2002 to the present placed within 12 kilometres of The Parkville Event, 2018.
    • The nearest 2001 geocache is only 16 kilometres away
    • The nearest 2000 geocache is 56 kilometres away
  • There are geocaches of all different sizes
    • 372 Micros
    • 316 smalls
    • 98 Regulars
    • 6 Large
  • There are 16 Challenge caches that you can start working towards
  • There are 5 #microadventure geocaches which are a fun local phenomenon
  • There is even three DGS (Dirtbag Geocaching Society) geocaches that starts not far from The Parkville Event 2018.

So whether you are chasing numbers, or adventure.  If you like working towards challenges or finding some of the older caches.  The mix of geocaches that you will be able to find whilst attending The Parkville Event, 2018 is sure to suit everybody!

Every fortnight on our regular BLOG post, we are highlighting a geocache or a series of geocaches within the 12 kilometre radius of The Parkville Event 2018.  So far, these have been the highlighted geocaches…

26/11/2017 – This weeks highlighted cache is one of the new virtuals that was put out by gmj3191 called Marvellous Melbourne (GC7B65W) at just over 4 kilometres from the event location it is the nearest virtual cache and is easily accessible from Melbourne’s public transport.7

10/12/17 – This fortnight’s highlighted cache is the closest Earthcache to the event, GC1357A, Royal Rocks. Placed in May 2007 by Rhinogeo and just over 1km away it is an easy D1 earthcache that has already been found 190 times. The cache description gives a great history of the area (both geological and more recent history) and provides a fascinating lesson on the geology of the area.

24/12/17 – This fortnight’s highlighted cache is the oldest still active cache within the 12 kilometres of The Parkville Event, 2018. Starting at less than 3 kilometres from the MEGA site, this multi cache was placed by Biggles Bear in April 2002. The cache is called The Fugitive (GC51AA), but don’t expect to be able to knock it over in a single day, this one takes some planning. Just goes to show that multi caches that start in the inner city and finish at far away locations is nothing new.

7/1/18 – The highlighted cache or caches for this fortnight and this one is for those people who like to hunt out geocaches with lots of favourite points. This traditional cache is 4.3 kilometres away from the Parkville MEGA event and is easily accessible by public transport. It currently has the most favourite points of any cache in Australia and continues to receive favourite points all the time. With 273 favourite points (at the time of writing), this week’s highlighted cache is by gmj3191 and it is Ununoctium (GC4PXX8). Another “must do” cache within 12 kilometres of The Parkville Event, 2018.

21/1/18 – Finally we are on to the geocache(s) of the fortnight and how could we not go past the new geoart that has appeared on our doorstep. In the shape of a T5 (although only 5 are currently listed as T5 caches) it is made up of a conglomerate of caches from the microadventure series, the Stranger caches series, an FYB series, a DGS cache and a couple of existing puzzles from danozz as well as a few other randoms too, this series of caches appears to lead people all over the country. But from the logs coming in, those who seek adventure find them totally worth it.

11/2/18 – Finally we are on to this editions geocache(s) of the fortnight and this week we are looking at the nearest LARGE size container to our event.  And so this week we turn the spotlight on GC7GETR, The Razorback Crawler.  This is a multi cache that starts only 350 meters away from the MEGA event, but it ends quite a distance away.  However, judging by the three teams out of four that have completed it and given it a FAV point and the very complimentary logs that it is receiving, as well as having a “Recommended for Kids” attribute, this certainly looks like a geocache that should be on most people’s “to do” list!  

4/3/2018 – Today we are going back to 2006 when Robmc placed a series of 9 multi caches all along the Capital City bike trail.  This one, GCRZB6, number 7 in the series starts less than 500 meters from Urban Camp which is the GZ for the MEGA.  A simple 6 stage multi with a 2/2 DT rating, this one can be enjoyed by all, as can all in this little series.  Bike and walking tracks are an excellent way to get around this part of the city.  We encourage everyone wishing to go geocaching whilst at this MEGA to park the car at the carpark near Urban Camp (free parking too, BTW) and bring along a bike or enjoy a lovely stroll.  There are plenty of geocaches to be had that can easily be accessed along the multitude of trails that snake out from this location.

18/3/2018 – This week’s cache of the fortnight goes back to the oldest traditional cache placed within the 12 kilometre area from the MEGA and that is Maccamob’s cache “Danny Boy”, GC83AB.  This cache, placed in August 2002, is about 4.5 kilometres from Urban Camp where the MEGA is being held and like most caches in the area you can leave your car at the carpark near the MEGA and enjoy either a short bike ride or a lovely walk along the well made tracks of the Maribyrnong River Trail to GZ.  On the way to this cache you can pick up many other wonderfully placed geocaches and when you get here, if you can make the find, you can earn a nice little square on your Jasmer challenge.

3/4/2018And as always, we would like to highlight our cache(s) of the fortnight and this time we are going to blow our own trumpet a little as many of you may have realized a small series of 10 caches came out entitled “Escape from the Zoo”. These ones are dotted all around the many bike trails and walking tracks that snake out from the MEGA event location and are the first of many geocache publications that we have planned for the entire area, so watch out for plenty more new publications of all geocache types over the coming months. The Escape from the Zoo series encourages you to find the 10 animals that have escaped from the zoo and are hiding out, waiting for our MEGA event. It is a fun series produced by the very clever Robmc and we hope you all thoroughly enjoy the work that he has put into this and the many more that we have in the pipeline. If you would like to check them out, they are: