The Parkville Event – Lead Up Events

Ever since our first MEGA back in 2015 we have always run lead up events during the year preceeding the main event and in 2018 we will continue to do so. Except this time we are taking our lead up events all around the country as well as all around the world! With over 40 lead up events planned around the state of Victoria as well as in every other state in Australia and a myriad of international lead up events, we are introducing the MEGAs that we hold in Victoria, Australia to a whole new audience!

Whilst these may not all be as big as the giant BBQ events that we held in 2017, these will all be official lead up events for The Parkville Event, 2018. We hope that each one of these lead up events reflects the caching community that the lead up event is held in and we look forward to the photos returning from these events held all over the globe.

And where would we be without a nice healthy competition to see who can attend a good portion of them. But this year the competition will be a little different. Everyone who attends an official lead-up event will receive points, based on the table below. Obviously some events are worth more than others based on their location. We will keep a running tally of who has amassed points and there will be prizes awarded for people who have gained significant number of points at the Parkville Event 2018. You can see this leader board by following this link.

Geocaching Victoria would like to thank the interstate and international ambassadors who are holding these events for us and helping to promote The Parkville Event, 2018 to their local caching community.

The official Lead Up Events for The Parkville Event, 2018 are…
22nd AprilBangkok, ThailandTBA 8

Date Place Coordinates GC Code Pts
13th Jan Christchurch, New Zealand S36° 47.611 E174° 44.285 GC7FNPD 6
13th Jan Carlton North, Victoria S37° 47.363 E144° 58.389 GC7FVPA 1
20th Jan Texas, USA N29° 36.575 W098° 30.646 GC7F6T7 6
26th Jan Bristol, United Kingdom N51° 34.444 W002° 27.002 GC7G35R 6
27th Jan Tennessee, USA N35° 02.046 W085° 18.770 GC7FXME 6
28th Jan Geraldton, WA S28° 45.834 E114° 36.881 GC7FJ2H 5
11th Feb Lincoln, United Kingdom N53° 12.888 W000° 35.012 GC7F5QR 6
11th Feb North Island, New Zealand S36° 47.611 E174° 44.285 GC7F761 6
17th Feb Wodonga, Victoria S36° 06.869 E146° 53.384 GC7FVPB 3
17th Feb Milan, Italy N45° 25.690 E009° 22.240 GC7FXR4 7
25th Feb Hobart, Tasmania S42° 48.280 E147° 20.340 GC7G6MN 3
10th March Merimbula, NSW S36° 52.102 E149° 55.748 GC7G9NW 4
17th March Geelong, Victoria S38° 09.979 E144° 19.859 GC7G7EW 2
7th April Perth, WA S32° 19.999 E115° 48.825 GC7JPK6 4
8th April Boston, USA N42° 21.401 071° 03.739 GC7HKAN 6
15th April Latrobe, Tasmania S41° 13.741 E146° 24.065 GC7HNQX 4
15th April Bergan, Norway N60° 20.879 E005° 20.775 GC7KCBF 7
21st April Warnambool, Victoria S38° 23.551 E142° 28.848 GC7JVTQ 2
22nd April Munich, Germany N47° 52.377 E011° 53.002 GC7MHYC 6
25th April Prague, Czech Republic N50° 04.905 E014° 25.257 GC7HKBK 7
28th April Berlin, Germany N52° 30.339 E013° 20.433 GC7HKFK 6
28th April Darwin, Northern Territory S12° 22.890 E130° 50.487 GC7JHT5 4
5th May Gothenburg, Sweden N57° 41.500 E011° 56.325 GC7JA3M 7
5th May Paris, France N48° 50.866 E002° 20.376 GC7HKF2 6
11th May Singapore N01° 17.197 E103° 51.265 GC7HKGE 8
19th May Wyndham Vale, Victoria S 37° 53.140 E 144° 37.940 GC7NDHK 1
20th May Kempsey, NSW S31° 05.797 E152° 50.175 GC7N1EX 4
27th May Newfoundland, Canada N47° 34.243 W052° 42.431 GC7JW1Q 6
9th June Mildura, Victoria S 34° 11.090 E 142° 10.197 GC7P50Y 3
27th June Vanuatu S17° 44.549 E168° 18.858 GC7FHZD 8
30th June Adelaide, SA S35° 07.250 E139° 17.056 GC7N9BR 3
3rd July Madrid, Spain N40° 25.621 W003° 42.252 GC7QBKH 7
8th July Reykjavik, Iceland N64° 08.200 W21° 54.700 GC7NYND 9
21 July Murray Bridge, SA S35° 07.250 E139° 17.056 GC7RE65 3
14th July Ballarat, Victoria S 37° 34.519 E 144° 52.495 GC7QBN4 2
18th Aug Newcastle, NSW S 32° 57.767 E 151° 37.089 GC7VGB6 4
15th Sep Eastern Melbourne, Victoria TBA 1
22nd Sep Traralgon, Victoria TBA 1
Oct Hamilton Island, Qld TBA 5
Oct Shepparton, Victoria TBA 2