Victorian Cache of the Year Awards (2020-2021)

Geocaching Victoria Inc is proud to announce the relaunch of the Victorian Cache of the Year Awards. These awards had been put on hold in recent years due to the Covid challenges we faced as a community, however we are excited to be kicking them off again. 

We are constantly amazed by the creative, inspirational and sometimes adventurous caches that are created within our community and we would love to both celebrate and promote these great caches. Below is a list of the open award caching categories for 2020-2021:

Cache Categories

  • Best Traditional
  • Best Multi
  • Best Mystery/ Puzzle
  • Best First Hide
  • Best Series
  • Best Location
  • Best Other Cache (includes Wherigo, Adventure Lab, Letterbox, Virtual or EarthCache)
  • Best Regional Cache
  • Best Overall Cache

Other Categories

  • Best Photo
  • Best Log – Found It
  • Best Log – DNF


We are now seeking nominations for these 12 categories. To nominate please consider the following guidelines to be eligible:

Cache Categories

  • The cache must be hidden in the State of Victoria
  • The cache needs to have been published between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021. Due to Covid we have extended the eligibility period. 
  • will be used to verify both cache type, location and publication date. 
  • To be eligible for a Cache Series there must be at least three associated caches and all published within the required date range

Other Categories

  • The log and photo needs to have been submitted pertaining to a find between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2021 on a Victorian Cache.
  • URL Links to logs and photos must be submitted as part of nominations where required


Nominations are now open, so please let us know your favourite caches via this nomination form

  • Please ensure that you add both the relevant GC Code, Cache name and Cache Owner, URL Link and additional details where required
  • Caches, logs and photos nominated must meet eligibility criteria
  • Each caching team can nominate up to three per category
  • Caches can be nominated in more than one category
  • You can nominate your own cache, log or photo
  • Nominations will be open until Saturday 30th April 2022

All caching teams that nominate for a cache will go in the draw for an Unobtainium, which will also be announced with the other award categories.

Please note that nominations are now closed and the finalists have been annouced. Voting can now commence. Check here for the list of finalists.


In early May GVI will review the nominations for each category and shortlist caches with the most nominations. Nominations will be shortlisted to approximately 5-10 caches in each category, although numbers may vary based on responses received. 

Finalists for each category will then be shared and voting will commence. The voting period will remain open until Friday 30th September 2022

During the voting process, the following criteria applies:

  • Only caches, logs and photos shortlisted will be open for voting
  • For all cache categories, you need to physically find the cache you are voting for. This will be verified via a ‘found’ log.
  • You can vote for your own cache, log or photo. 
  • One vote per category per caching team is allowed. 
  • There will only be one winner per category plus one runner up
  • If in the event a category results in a tie, the GVI committee will cast the final vote

Award Results

The results of the Victorian Caching Awards for 2022 will be announced at the November 2022 Mega Event in Whittlesea. Further details will be released as we get closer to the date. 

If you have any questions about the awards, the nomination or voting process, please email Jo Cox

Links to past Nominations and Winners can be found below

2016link link
2017link link