How to… Set up notifications on

First of all, notifications are a premium member feature. You must have upgraded your basic (free) membership with to a premium membership ($US29.99 per year).

From your profile page ( on the right hand side, scroll down to the heading Premium Features and the 4th item is Set Up Notifications.

The next screen, labeled Instant Notification Service has a Learn how to add a notification. Or you can just jump right in with the Create a new notification option.  Lets assume you want to jump right in (but clearly you want a bit of help, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this…).

  1. Name the notification
    You might end up with a few notifications, so try and make the name a little descriptive about what sort of notification it will be sending you.
  2. Choose a cache type to monitor
    Notifications can only be on one cache type, so select this here.  The screen will then refresh.
  3. Choose the types of logs you want to see
    Depending on the cache type you have selected in step two above, different types of log types will be available to select.  Most people want notifications for newly published caches, so choose “Publish Listing”.
  4. Set the coordinates from which you want to search or enter a postal code
    The postcode search doesn’t work for our postcodes, but the coordinates that appear by default are your home coordinates.  These might be good enough for you notification centroid depending where you are wanting notifications from. Otherwise you can use the coordinates off a cache, or ones you have collected your self.
  5. Select a distance in milometers to search around the coordinates
    Some people have 5km, some have 100km, it really comes down to how far you might be prepared to go for one of those elusive FTF’s! For those who as sane (at least slightly) around 10-15km seems about the norm.
  6. Choose one email address to send notifications to (if different from your account email)
    Any email address you have with will be in the drop down list.  Pick the one you want to use for these notifications.  Then the trick it to have your phone/mobile device set up correctly so that as soon as an email lands in the inbox of the selected email address, your device will beep at you.  This may not be the case with your normal email inbox, which is why some people choose to have notifications go to a different email address.