Cache Containers

cliptop 2Geocaches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  They will all require a log book for you to be able to enter your name into, to prove to the geocache owner, that you found their cache.

ammo canSome geocaches are bigger and are usually pretty easy to find.  Often they will be filled with toys and other things to swap.  These are great geocaches for kids to find.  But please remember the rule, trade even or trade up.  This is not a box of free stuff, if you are going to take something from the geocache, you must replace it with something of equal or greater value.

film cannisterSome geocaches are small and present more of a challenge to find.  The film canister as shown to the right here is a common one that is used effectively in areas that are relatively dry.

FH6XGMAFYIYBX3Y_LARGEAlso common in the smaller size is the mint tin.  This is also an effective hide in areas that don’t have a lot of moisture.  It must be remembered that these caches are not waterproof and so if they are placed in areas that see a lot of water, they will not be able to adequately protect the log sheet inside.

Some geocaches are VERY small and can present quite a challenge at times to find them.  On each geocache page, there is a rating on how small the geocache is.  Keep this in mind when you are looking for the cache.

locknlockNot all geocaches have to be placed away from moisture.  Many clip-top containers or lock-n-locks, can stand up to years and years of being placed outside in elements.

clip topEven the humble sistema container, when placed thoughtfully and maintained properly can survive many years out in the elements and protect the contents of the geocache.  Placing the container underneath something so that a, it is not spotted by just everyone passing by but also b, it is not directly exposed to the elements, is a good way to make sure that the container will provide years of fun and excitement for fellow geocachers.

bison in a tree
Some hides can be very tricky.  To the left is a bison tube, camouflaged to its surrounds.  The bison tube, if maintained well, will last many years in the elements without the need for protection.


Bison tubes are also quite universal.  They can be adapted to any area easily and can provide a nice tricky find that people will love finding.  To the right is a good example of a creative geocache that always makes a fellow geocacher smile!  The entertaining “Found It” logs alone are worth it for placing a geocache like this.

tree branchOnce you start exploring the options of various different creative geocaches, the sky is literally the limit.  Creative cache containers can be custom built and adapted to almost any environment.

fake logThe limit of the creativeness is only the skills that you have in making them.  Creative, and handy geocachers provide the community with some wonderfully built and at times, truly ingenious hides.

outthereThe very best creative geocachers are able to place very large geocachers in the open for everybody to see.  People walk past them every day, but only a geocacher knows what they are.