The Whittlesea Compass Attributes

Below is an explanation of the special attributes developed especially for the Whittlesea Event in 2020 and the Whittlesea Compass geoart. We had a bit of fun creating them, we hope you like them.

This is a new attribute developed to help the travelling cacher as the cache will be retrievable with a pole. Not however just any pole, it will need to be a LONG pole. So an extendable pole(Longer the better) will be ideal here, possibly one with a hook on the end. Oh and if there is a red cross through the pole, it will not be required.

Another new attribute for you to get your head around is the NFC attribute. The NFC attribute is for Mobile Phone cachers that have either an android device or an iOS device (iPhone 7 or above) To those that do not have an iOS device, team up with someone that does (its a Mega after all!). Again if the cache has a red cross, you will not need NFC to find this cache.

A fairly obvious one, this cache requires a magnet in order to open or extract the cache. Its a good item for a cacher to have in their geo kit. Once again the cross through the logo means a magnet is not needed. A magnet that is attached to a string, or on a telescopic pole is a good idea.

A ladder is often something required by the more adventurous geocacher and one device many don’t leave home without. Yet again the red cross through the logo means a ladder is not required. If you have traveled too far to bring a ladder, its the perfect excuse to introduce yourself to some local geocaching teams!

A chirp device is something not often used now with the smartphone era, but can still accessed by many Garmin GPSr’s as well as numerous apps built into the modern smartphone.