Melbourne Event Update – July Mk II

Hey people, its update time!

We have all been very busy at Geocaching Melbourne to make the November event the best it can possibly be, without costing anything for those who turn up! Many exciting things have happened since our last update….

VOLUNTEERS: We would like to thank all those who have volunteered already. The support for this event is absolutely awesome! It is not too late to volunteer though. Many hands make light work and we are not asking anyone to volunteer for the whole weekend, just a few hours on one of the days. You can register your interest in helping out at this link

SESSIONS SCHEDULE: Yep it’s finalized! We have developed some really interesting sessions that you can go along to and learn all sorts of things about many varied and fascinating aspects of geocaching. Please note, this is the schedule only, as numbers are limited registrations will begin in early August but we have put the schedule up so people can start planning their weekend. Also please note that there are many more fun filled activities planned for the weekend that we will tell you all about as we finalize them. Also, there will be plenty of room for people to just sit around, sip a cup of coffee and do what we all love to do, talk about Geocaching! You can see the session schedule at the following link.

STATISTICS: Are you as interested in stats as we are? Well you will love our dashboard which gives up to date stats and projections on this event. Check it out at the following link

GEOCOIN: Yep, we have a shiny thing that is available for pre-sale right now. At only $15 it represents fantastic value for money for what will surely become a collector’s item! Check out this link

GEOART: If you haven’t noticed already we have been busy building a few puzzles to create some geoart around Casey Fields. Some easier ones and some to test you a bit more, but each one different from the others.

MINI EVENTS: The Geocaching Melbourne Team are doing some road-trips! We had an absolute ball at the 4 Months to MEGA event in Geelong the other week and are looking forward to the 3 Months to MEGA in Albury next month and the 2 Months to MEGA in Bendigo in September. Of course there is a 1 Month to MEGA event planned, but where will it be???

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and look forward to catching up with you all in November…

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