Melbourne Event Update – September 2015 – Mk II

And so the big event in November draws ever closer, so what exciting news does the organizing committee have for you now, well click on the link that interests you the most, or grab a cup of coffee and sit down and have a read of some of the fun filled excitement that we are planning…

Event Show bags!
Geocoins and Pathtags for sale!
Official The Melbourne Event merchandise
Other activities on the MEGA weekend

Event bags


Yes there will be showbags however since this is a free event we have to limit them somehow. How do you get your hands on them? It’s fairly straight forward:

  • You’ve already logged your will attend up to (and including) the 26th September 2015. Yes that was yesterday.
  • After 9pm on tonight (the 27th of Septmeber), go to our Eventbrite page and register for the showbag ticket. The number of tickets and therefore the showbags are limited. If the ticket doesn’t show up, use the access code WUNDERTUETE. Make sure your GC account name is exactly the same spelling as it shows up on

Personal Trade items

Do you have some pathtags, geocoins, trackables or any other type of personal trade item that you would like randomly distributed amongst our event bags?  Then get in contact with us and we can do this for you.

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Coins and Pathtags..

On our Geocoins and Collectables Pre-sale page, we are selling some limited edition geocoins as well as pathtags. They have our little mascot, Fern and they are inscribed with “The Melbourne Event 2015”. This is the VERY first MEGA event in the state of Victoria, as well as being the largest geocaching MEGA event ever in the southern hemisphere!  So these are definitely set to become absolute collectors items. Besides our regular geo-coin, we have an awesome set of VERY limited edition coins in Lemon, Lime and Cherry. Only 75 of each of these special coins will ever be minted and we are selling an entire set of three for only $99.
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Merchandise. is proud to be a Sponsor of The Melbourne Event 2015, and has rights to produce all of the Official Clothing for the event.

 These are, of course, exclusive to Made from high quality polo shirts by “Aussie Pacific” and embroidered in Melbourne Australia.

You can buy them online now and have them delivered to you, or optionally pickup from the Geostuff retail store or the stall at The Melbourne Event 2015.

Until the 30th September 2015 you can specify different embroidery “extras” on your shirt:

  • Your team name embroidered in white text on the chest – $6
  •  A new unique tracking code (supplied by Geostuff) embroidered in white text on the chest – $7.50
  •  An existing tracking code (supplied by you) embroidered in white text on the chest – $6

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Where would we all be without our sponsors?  Our main event sponsors, Geostuff, Anvil Angus and Groundspeak have all been amazing.  Also we would like to thank our other sponsors,, Sougthern Cross Fireworks and the City of Casey.  We’d also like to introduce a new sponsor, HERE Map Creator.  Finally a shout out to the two charities that we are fund-raising for, Friends of the Leadbeaters Possum and TRY Australia.

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Geocaching Melbourne have put together some really cool informative sessions on all aspects of geocaching.  From creating wherigo’s to using GSAK, building creative containers, putting together Earth Caches, climbing tall trees or using all those really cool phone apps like GC buddy, geosphere and c:geo.  There are so many really cool sessions that you can attend and Geocaching Melbourne have been able to secure the best in each field to present them.  Numbers are strictly limited and most of these sessions are filling up very fast.  Some are already full, so you need to be quick and register to secure yourself a spot.  Unfortunately though, the numbers for our canoeing/kayaking session that is to be run on the nearby lake at Casey Fields have been kind of low, which is a pity.  If we don’t get more people subscribing to this one, we may have to cancel these sessions.
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Other Weekend activities

Besides all the fun things that we have already announced, we would like to announce even more cool things that are happening on the weekend of the MEGA that you might like to get involved with…

FTF raffle draw

It is always an issue at every event.  Who gets the FTF?  Well we have decided that for the Melbourne Event 2015, we will hold a raffle.  Tickets are only $1 and you can purchase as many as you like.  Tickets will be available for sale at the administration desk, near the log-book signing for the event will be.  On the Sunday afternoon we will draw a name at random and who knows, you could have the honor of being the FTF for the very first MEGA event in the state of Victoria!  All proceeds from this raffle are being donated to the Friends of the Leadbeater possum.

Wide game

What happens when you take a traditional wide game like that played by many scouts groups and blend it with technology?  Well Geocaching Melbourne has mixed these two things together and then added a healthy dose of scavenger hunting to form a cool location based game that you can join in on with your (web enabled) phone.  The result is a fun new experience that will get you out and about, enjoying locations around the event and learning all sorts of cool new things.  More details will be released on this in the near future, but certainly……Watch this space!

LAB Caches

Exactly what are these things? Well they are a geocache creators license to experiment outside the normal rules! No proximity rules, no commercialization rules, no review process, no log book. Just imagine the possibilities! All those really cool cache ideas that wouldn’t normally get past the review process can be done as a LAB cache. Geocaching Melbourne is excited to announce that we will have a LAB cache adventure at the Melbourne Event 2015 that will rival the absolute best out there. So who is creating this adventure? Well we have asked some of the best geocache makers in Victoria to get their creative juices flowing, untie the normal shackles that would hold them back from being truly creative and to create an adventure that participants will walk away from saying “WOW, that was awesome!”

Guess the caches in a fishtank – TRY Australia

Who comes up with this kind of stuff? Oh, yeah, we do!

To add to the list of fun-filled activities, there is going to be one MEGA big fish tank filled with all sorts of unused geocaches.  Mint tins, berocca tubes, cliptop containers, ammo cans, nanos.  Many, many many geocaches.  But the question is how many?  For a $1 donation to TRY Australia, you get to guess how many geocaches are in the fishtank!  The person (or persons) with the closest guess will win one of those super cool and totally rare unobtanium, golden “The Melbourne Event 2015” geocoin!

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Yes, we have some CITOs published on the weekend of the MEGA.  So you can give back to the Casey Council who have been absolutely marvelous in helping us get this MEGA off the ground.  Clean up crews will be assembling in Narre Warren on the Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm for GC61TQ9 and also at Lysterfield South on the Sunday morning between 10am and midday for GC61TWN.  Come for the full two hours or just lend a hand for a few minutes.  There is plenty of parking and LOTS of rubbish to pick up!
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