The Great Ocean Road – Did you know?

There is a lot of history down on the Surf Coast, as well as lots of caches and a big event later in the year.  I learnt a few things about the Great Ocean Road today.  Even though I have lived in Victoria all my life, I didn’t know these things, so I thought I would share them with you.

Did you know – History

  • The Great Ocean Road was surveyed in 1918
  • It was built from 1919 – 1932 (13 years!)
  • It was built be returned soldiers from World War 1
  • The Great Ocean Road is dedicated to soldiers killed during World War 1 and,
  • the road is the world’s largest war memorial
  • The original name as going to be South Coast Road
  • Prior to the road being built, most of the towns could only be accessed by sea

Did you know – Numbers

  • Running from Torquay just out side Warnambool, the road is 244km long
  • 3000 men worked to construct the road
  • progress was around 3km per month
  • Built by a private company, the road cost £81,000
  • Workers were paid 10 shillings and sixpence per day
  • It was a toll road until 2 October 1936
  • Tolls were two shillings for cars, and 10 shillings for wagons with more than two horses

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