Voting has Opened!

Voting has opened for the vacant position on the Geocaching Melbourne Inc committee. We have three wonderful candidates who have nominated for the position and you can follow this link to the voting form.

This position is for the GMI committee, not the Alexandra MEGA Organizing committee. The GMI committee not only oversees the MEGAs, but also gets involved in many other facets of geocaching throughout the state of Victoria.

There is a little blurb about each individual on the voting form, in case you aren’t sure who they are. You are required to enter your geocaching handle on the voting form and to be eligible to vote you must have at least found a geocache in the state of Victoria, have had a profile that is at least 3 months old and have found at least one geocache in the last 6 months.  You can submit one vote per profile

Once you have entered your geocaching handle simply place the numbers 1 to 3 against the candidates, ranging from number 1 for your first selection through to number 3 for your last selection. Voting will be open until 8pm on Sunday the 8th of October.  You must submit only one vote per profile and to keep it fair, we would encourage people who do run sock-puppet accounts to not use them to vote with.

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