UPDATE – The Parkville Event – 26/11/17

You’d think with 356 days until The Parkville Event, 2018, the committee could afford to sit back and take a well deserved break?


Work is well underway on dreaming up all the fun and games that will be the Parkville Event, 2018, and why wouldn’t it?  Only 1 week in and over 120 teams comprising of over 200 people from every state in Australia as well as a few international visitors have already logged their “Will Attend”.  This is promising to be one very big MEGA!

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024OMG We have T-shirts already! – That’s right, available for pre-sale from Geostuff, the OFFICIAL “The Parkville Event 2018” t-shirts can be purchased right now! Just follow this link to make sure you have your t-shirt on order.    Bright and bold this t-shirt has Fern in his zoo keeper outfit and the option to customize your embroidery to include your caching name and a personal tracking code.  Note: All orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up from or at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event, 2018 on the weekend of the event.

Need to find your way around the venue? We have a site map! Absolutely, you can go to our website and check out the layout of this great venue.

draft3Also, while you’re there, you can purchase your accommodation for the two nights. Starting at $130 a bed for two nights (that’s only $65 a night), you can stay right at GZ and be in the midst of all the action from the moment you wake up to the moment you finally lay your head on the pillow, and don’t worry, we have LOTS of things planned for you whilst you’re there.

TRAM COINPlus, if you like shiny stuff, we have some stunning Geocoins and pathtags available for pre-sale. For the second year in a row, pathtags have been designed by Gloria of Ozglory and she has once again excelled with some beautiful designs. And then there are the geocoins. Complete with tracking codes, we have a standard geocoin depicting our friend Fern with his native animal mates on an iconic Melbourne tram, and then there is the very special, Limited Edition coin which depicts Fern with all his other friends at the nearby zoo. The Limited Edition coin is a shaped coin and will be a prize piece of any serious collector of Australian geocoins as there is only going to be 100 of these ones made, and they are already selling fast.

GEOSTUFFPrintOf course we would like to take a moment to thank our major sponsors, Geostuff and Cachly, who came on board with this project months before the official launch of the event. Without their financial support, large scale events like this just are not possible.

Finally we would like to introduce you to our highlighted cache(s) category.  This is for those who are coming from interstate or overseas.  In every blog post that we put out we are going to endeavour to highlight a cache, or  series of caches within the 12 kilometre radius of the event.  This weeks highlighted cache is one of the new virtuals that was put out by gmj3191 called Marvellous Melbourne (GC7B65W) at just over 4 kilometres from the event location it is the nearest virtual cache and is easily accessible from Melbourne’s public transport.

We have so many exciting things planned and potential fun in the pipeline that we will be posting a blog post like this one every two weeks and every blog post will have new news and information about the happenings and excitement planned for this big event, with rolling updates on information already released. You can subscribe directly to the blog posts at the bottom of this page. If you are definitely planning on coming, make sure you log your Will Attend on our exciting new event, The Parkville Event, 2018 to help us better plan for the fun and activities.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Parkville.

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