Geocaching Victoria and Geostuff.

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024Geocaching Victoria would like to announce that Geostuff, who were one of the major sponsors for the Parkville MEGA event, are now no longer a sponsor of the event.  We would like to make it clear that this is not a result of any issues between Geocaching Victoria and the new owners of Geostuff.  Geocaching Victoria and Geostuff both look forward to having a happy relationship through promoting the hobby of geocaching in the years to come.  However, as the new owners of the Geostuff business have only just taken over control they have decided that they needed to get a better feel for the business before committing to such a large financial decision.  Geocaching Victoria 100% supports them in this decision.

As a result, the official Parkville Event T-shirts are now no longer available to order through the geostuff website.  Instead they can now be ordered directly through the Geocaching Victoria webstore by following this link.

All existing orders that have already been placed with geostuff for the Parkville Event t-shirts will still be fulfilled by Geocaching Victoria and these t-shirts will still be available for pick up at the event, or will be posted out as specified, when stock arrives.  Geocaching Victoria will be using the same manufacturer to supply these t-shirts as geostuff have historically done for previous event t-shirts.

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