Parkville LAB caches.

One of the highlights from our previous MEGA at Alexandra was the very clever selection of LAB caches that were presented.  So much so, that GCHQ have this year awarded us with not just 1 LAB cache adventure of 10 LAB caches, but 2!  That means there will be a total of 20 LAB caches available for people to find at The Parkville Event 2018.  How exciting!

A group of people have been working on various cool ideas for LAB caches for Parkville over the last few months and one of those we can reveal today is none other than the famous Roymerc, from the Denmark area of Western Australia.  If you haven’t heard of Roymerc, or his caches, please check them out.  If you have, then we are figuring that you will be excited as us to see what he can produce as a LAB cache for the Parkville MEGA.

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