2 Days to go…

Two Days to Go!

OMG, the MEGA is getting close. 

fb headlineDid you know that if you have any questions that there is an entire Facebook group dedicated to just that?  That’s right, the Parkville Pow Wow, Facebook group is solely dedicated for any questions that you might have on this MEGA event and general chit chat about the MEGA.  The organizers are all moderators, so they will see any posts that you put up and can answer them as quickly as possible.  You can follow this link to join the group!

draft3One question that we get asked a lot is where to stay for the weekend?  Well, where else would you want to stay other than right at the MEGA site?  That’s right, there are still beds available at the MEGA site, so for just $130 you can book yourself a bed at Urban Camp and enjoy a non-stop, full weekend of caching.  $130 gets you a bed for both the Friday and the Saturday night (so just $65 a night) and the whole MEGA experience is literally on your doorstep!  How much fun does that sound?  To book your accommodation for this weekend, follow this link.

And don’t forget the fabulous geocoins and pathtags that are still for sale.

LEThere are very limited numbers of the special Limited Edition geocoin still available.  A shaped coin, measuring 2 inches in width, this coin has an amazing amount of detail and looks stunning.  And the way that the reverse side perfectly matches the front side is simply beautiful.  This is truly one very cool geocoin.

TRAM COINAlso available is our standard edition geocoin which represents excellent value for money at only $16.  Depicting our mascot Fern as a tram driver, this is a great memento for anyone attending The Parkville Event, 2018.  You can purchase either of these coins for pick up at The Parkville Event 2018, right now by following this link.  Delivery options are also available.

setAnd who could forget the beautiful pathtags, designed of course by ozglory, this is an attractive set of pathtags, depicting iconic Melbourne landmarks.  You can purchase the whole set for $25, or for just $15 you can purchase a trading set where you get 5 of one pathtag and then you trade with the others at the MEGA to make up your full set.  This year we have made trading a bit easier too.  Everyone who buys a trading set will get a special trading sticker/badge which you can wear whilst at the MEGA.  It has each of the pathtags on it and you simply can just cross off the ones that you already have as you collect them.  This way, others who are trading can instantly recognise each other and what trades want to be made.  Grab your pathtag set now, by following this link.

Thank You

As per usual, we would like to thank our Major Sponsors. Without their ongoing support, big events like this would not be able to take place.

Our 2018 sponsors include Geocaching.com, Cachly, Pathtags.com, Caching Supplies, Clear Waters Event Queanbean Easter 2019, City of Melbourne, Bunnings, McDonalds, Freddy’s Bike Tours, City West Waters, Sssafe and of course it goes without saying, The future attendees of The Parkville Event.


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