3 Days To Go…

Three days to go.

So, what do you need to know?

Well, the MEGA isn’t the only event happening over the weekend.  Make sure you don’t miss out on the following geocaching events nearby…

GC7WZXT – The Parkville Friday Night Bowls event is being held at The Flemington and Kensington Bowls club on the Friday night before the MEGA.  This is a chance for a meal, a social drink and catch up and maybe some barefoot bowls.  There are a couple of rinks booked so this is a great chance to catch up with others who are in town.  Already has 82 Will Attends so it promises to be a descent sized gathering!

GC7Z3FG – Vision 2020 is a gathering organized by the GeoVenture2020 crew in nearby Brunswick.  Come along and find out about their exciting plans!

GC7QBMC – The Parkville Saturday Night BBQ – This is the big one (well except for the MEGA of course).  A free feed of beef rolls is available to all those who have logged their Will Attend for this one (i.e. you need to log your Will Attend to this event, not just the MEGA to get the free food).  The Saturday night BBQ is a great tradition that we have had at our MEGAs and this will be no different.  With some prizes, awards and milestones to be read out and other speeches, this is always an entertaining event.  Don’t forget to bring a chair!

GA13128 – Parkville GA Clans Catch Up – For the Geocaching Australia players out there, this ones for you!  Organized by Kittykatch during the Saturday night BBQ festivities.

GC7XY22 – GIFF and Farewell to Parkville Event.  This is the final event for the weekend and this is where many of the prizes won over the weekend will be awarded including the coveted FTF prize.  Yes, that’s right you could be the FTF for the whole 2018 MEGA event!  All you need to do is go into the raffle for your chance to win.  Tickets for the FTF raffle are available from the registration area and all proceeds are being donated to our charity this year which is Ronald McDonald House in Parkville, so it’s a worthwhile cause too.  At this event, you can hear some presentations from representatives of the next major geocaching events to be held in Australia as well as the announcement of the location of the 2019 Victorian MEGA.  Followed by a GIFF showing, this is a great event to attend also.

Please note, we did have a CITO published, but due to circumstances beyond our control, this had to be cancelled.

Thank You

As per usual, we would like to thank our Major Sponsors. Without their ongoing support, big events like this would not be able to take place.

Our 2018 sponsors include Geocaching.com, Cachly, Pathtags.com, Caching Supplies, Clear Waters Event Queanbean Easter 2019, City of Melbourne, Bunnings, McDonalds, Freddy’s Bike Tours, City West Waters, Sssafe and of course it goes without saying, The future attendees of The Parkville Event.

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