New GVI Committee Members

What an amazing time we’ve had the past few weeks with nominations for two committee positions and the subsequent voting.

With a record SIX confirmed nominations, including a big range of people, both in personality and caching style, the current committee knew we’d have some fun when it came to voting. We just didn’t realise the magnitude. 

Previous committee nominations had yielded few nominations, and the highest number of voters being around 70. In other voting areas, we’d had been about 95 voters for our change of name.

Todays vote had an amazing 162 voters, and we cannot thank you all enough for getting involved. Some have asked about our voting practices, and we’re happy to report that we use preference voting. Now please don’t ask me to explain that process, because it’s quite complicated, but yields a very fair result based on the vote numbers you’ve all supplied. I can tell you that the vote counter got to the fourth round of preferences before there were three clear leaders. Two for the positions, and one back up, just in case.

I know I’ve waffled a bit, and all you really want to know is who are the new committee members!!

GVI would like to welcome Gemma Siemensma and Steve Hanberry to the Committee. We look forward to them joining our little team, and working their butts off for all of you.

Before I go, I’d like to thank Philipp Hammes, Mark Barnes, Sarah Cameron and Donna Moore for accepting their nominations, and we hope to be able to work with them in the future.


Karen Ashford



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