New Members, Committee breakdown and a special mention …

Welcome to Jo Cox, Rod Lyon and Day Gowland to the GVI Committee. We’re looking forward to working with you all, and getting some great things done after so much enforced downtime.

Hopefully we can start to organise some regular CITO’s and/or events with moveable dates or locations just in case restrictions hit again, to get us all out there, doing our thing.

The GVI Committee now consists of:

  • President Karen Ashford (carkisser)
  • Vice President Lorraine Ogilvie (half of The_Tritonz)
  • Secretary Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg)
  • Treasurer Bernie Holloway (BernieH)
  • Membership Donna Moore (half of Jaktembo)
  • CITO Rep Rod Lyon (n0w0rries)
  • General Member Gemma Siemensma (GemmaSistema)
  • General Member Jo Cox (heymissjo)
  • General Member Day Gowland (Day1976)

Our special mention!!

Jo the *better*half of ChooknChunk attended a recent CITO. She found $50 and donated it to GVI. Geocachers are widely known to be good people, and luckily for us, there are also those amongst us that are great. Many thanks to Jo for the donation, and for all who attended the CITO.

Hopefully we will see many of you soon, and look forward to the Wangaratta Event and the GPS Adventure Maze.

1 thought on “New Members, Committee breakdown and a special mention …

  1. Unfortunately we have broken down about a thousand kilometres from Wangaratta and will not now be able to attend.

    We have a powered site booked for the event and of course we cannot now use it. You may have geocachers on a wait list for a powered site so it could be passed on.

    A friend will pick up our order (as in Pathtags)

    We apologise for our late notification but our break down obviously was not expected and we are sad we can’t attend.

    We are Kay and Bob Martin aka Aussie Liahona.

    Sincere regrets,
    Kay and Bob

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