Introducing Day Gowland – day1976

It’s is time to introduce you to a another community favourite Day. Although he has recently joined the committee again, it isn’t the first time he has been a part of GVI committee and some wonder did he ever step away, with all the hats he wears and the hard work he puts in behind the scenes. We certainly welcomed him back to the committee.

Day has 4100+ cache finds to his name but is infamous for his hides…..some would say they are clever, some crafty, some perhaps evil, but definitely very enjoyable. He loves to bring new and creative ideas to the game and challenge the community brains trust. He has over 240 active hides currently and you may be surprised that they are hidden far and wide across the state and you never know when you might stumble across one!

Recently, I caught up with Day to get a few thoughts on his own gaming passion…or obsession?!

1. Share with us when you started Geocaching and what got you into this crazy hobby we love?

I started geocaching in 2011.  Prior to this I used to take my metal detector out to abandoned towns to try and find old coins etc.  One day I was trying to work out where the old town of Beenak was and I googled “Beenak Post Office” and up came a link to a geocache of that name.  Prior to that I had never heard of geocaching before.

2. How do you like to play the game? Are you a numbers person, do you chase challenges, do you love the adventures or have your own approach to caching?

I think it’s always about the numbers.  It’s only been a couple of times that I have cached purely to get the greatest number of finds, and that can be enjoyable.  But sometimes its caching to get the number of types in a day, or to find a cache that hasn’t been found for a number of months, or a cache which has a rare DT number combo.  Either way that you look at it, it’s about the numbers, it’s just WHICH numbers you decide to chase.  Challenges help focus that, whether they are challenge caches, or as I like to do, set myself my own personal challenges.

3. What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of caching?

Re-join Geocaching Victoria Inc, when I had already previously escaped once?

I’m kidding of course.

I once hiked for 31 kilomters in a wilderness area to get one cache that hadn’t been found for 6 years, only to turn around and hike back again, all in one day, no other caches passed.

4. What is currently on your Geocaching Bucket-list?

Still hoping to get to Seattle for the big celebrations, when we can travel again.  I’ve never cached overseas before and August 2020 was supposed to be my big overseas trip.  Of course, that never happened, but it’s still definitely on the bucket list!

5. What strengths and skills do you bring to the Geocaching Victoria Committee?

In some respects, I’m a very organised person (although my caching partner would disagree).  I think my greatest strength is my time management skills.  I’m a very social person and can get along with most people and I enjoy a chat.

6. What is the most remote or unusual place you have collected a Geocache?

The most remote would have been on the Nullarbor.   I held and event there in 2016 which was further from any other event that had ever been held in Australia.  No one else turned up, just me, by my lonesome at a roadside stop on the Nullarbor for half an hour.

Most unusual, I’m not sure.  There are so many different types of unusual. I really enjoyed caching in Townsville a couple of years ago.  They have some great and unusual caches there and I’m looking forward to going back at Easter.  And then there is Denmark in Western Australia, some very different geocaching experiences there too.

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