February Geo-Log Competition

Welcome to Geocaching Victoria’s Geo-Log Competition for February 2022. The theme for this month is “Best Found It Log”.

Everyone is welcome to enter this months competition, but each entry must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Nominate a “Found it” log you have either received as a Cache Owner or that you have read that you found inspirational
  2. Log must be logged between 1st February and 28th February 2022
  3. Log must be on a Victorian Geocache
  4. Share digital log below in a comment no later than Wednesday 2nd March for consideration
  5. The writer of the “Best Found it Log” will win a GeoCoin from our shop.
  6. The Geocaching Victoria Committee will select the winning entry and contact the winner directly.

We look forward to reading your logs – your adventures, your mishaps or your reflections on what makes this game so great. Logs are a great way to share your experiences and to celebrate the great caches that you discover. We can’t wait to read them!

8 thoughts on “February Geo-Log Competition

  1. Can’t go past this log from Fleabag- on Washawa’s recent puzzle “SQUID GAME”
    The puzzle involves printing, folding and figuring out how to sort a set of paper cubes – fair to say, the process is a little time-consuming and it seems it got to Fleabag- who ended the ordeal in a rather spectacular fashion… with photos included!

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