Introducing Hall of Fame Inductee – maccamob

One of our most loved geocaching couples, is David and Mary ‘maccamob‘ MacCarthy. They are often likened to the affectionate grandparents of our community, with an extensive geocaching record and a passion for the game that has extended for twenty years.

With a remarkable 40,000 finds and over 150 hides, it makes you wonder how far and wide this geo-couple have traveled. With an impressive list of ten countries including Finland, Estonia, Italy and even Russia, you can only imagine the adventures, the stories and the sites visited. ‘maccamob’ were the first Australian geocacher to collect all 50 American States and have an impressive 400 plus LGA’s across all states of Australia to their name.

But it’s not the statistics that makes this couple special, it’s the love and warmth that they bring to our special community. An event… is really not an event without their gracious presence, for they are not shy to jump in the car and travel across the state to attend as many as they can. Scoring a Mary ‘maccamob’ hug is definitely worth a a smily.

Recently ‘Day1976’ caught up with ‘maccamob’ to chat to them about their geocaching experiences and what they had seen change in recent years. We hope you enjoy this interview.

Click here for transcript

4 thoughts on “Introducing Hall of Fame Inductee – maccamob

  1. Hi, that’s lovely to have them interviewed m. A worthwhile information for our community.
    They are so lovely people and greet with big hugs. So beautiful.

    I’m wondering can the the interview on audio transcribe to text so Deaf people can feel inclusive.

    Big hugs to them.

    Kind regards,


  2. I thoroughly enjoy this interview. Day asked some great questions and their answers included were informative and fun.

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