Surf Coast Event – May update 2

GeoCoin and Pathtag pre-sales

We are really pleased to announce that we have launched GeoCoin and Pathtag pre-sales! Two versions of the geocoin are available for pre-sales.  We are also offering you trading sets of the Surf Coast themed Pathtags.  A trading set is 5 of the same pathtag, you then have to meet up and trade with other geocachers to collect the whole set of pathtags.  We ensure there are even numbers of sets distributed.

Accom on site

Remember you can book onsite too.  Bookings are made directly with the Surf Coast Event venue, Anglesea Recreation Camp.  They can be contacted directly on:
Phone: 03 5263 1512
There are 150 beds available for $35 per night, including continental breakfast. They are in various configurations from

  • rooms for 2, 4 or 6 people, with en suites
  • rooms for 2, 4 or 6 people with shared facilities
  • Single rooms can also be booked

There are lots of places left

The Victorian Geocaching Tournament

Make sure you remember to register your team! The Tournament is being run on Saturday in two versions:

  • Standard version: out and about in your car, finding real caches and completing challenges for points your team and squad.
  • Family version: on site at the venue, with special event caches and challenges, collection points for your team and squad

At the end of the day,the whole of the winning squad will get a prize, so that’s a one in four chance of winning! Plus there will be other prizes.  You can go here for more information.  Feel free to ask questions too.

Bendigo here we come!

Our next event, 5 Months to the Surf Coast Event is going to be held in Bendigo. Bendigo has a really busy geocaching community with many great caches.  Since it’s only 2hrs up the road, why don’t you join us. Make sure you log a ‘will attend’, so we have enough snags to go round.


As announced in previous updates, we have some fantastic sponsors.

Red Centre Experience is set to be an amazing experience in Australia’s Red Centre, whether you’ve been before or not.  To be held Easter 2017, now is the ideal opportunity to be involved in a special event and it’s free.

What do I need to do, you say?  First thing is log your “Will Attend” here

If you are still not convinced that this is going to be awesome, check out the Red Centre website and Facebook pages for more details of all the fun you can have while you are there.

Our amazing sponsors, the Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park have a great offer for all bookings made with the code word “Geocache”.  For all bookings between  June 1st 2016 until 17th November 2016 you’ll get:

  • 10% discount
  • Free Late checkout until 11am in Cabins (can stay in the park) or 6pm checkout for sites
  • Free spa token
  • 2 free coffees or 2 slushies

Please note this deal excludes the Melbourne Cup weekend and the Victorian School holidays

This is great news!! Not only is this a great deal, but it means that you can head down to Anglesea before the Surf Coast Event, find all the caches, and leave the weekend of the event free for socialising!!

4 thoughts on “Surf Coast Event – May update 2

  1. It is a pity that these accomodations weren’t known earlier. We paid $358 for 3 nights at the Anglesea Beachfront Caravan Park just after the end of the Melbourne Event. Now I can see I could get the same for $105.00 with a continental breakfast! To be truthful we are really pissed off now.

    • Hello – We’re constantly trying to get better deals via sponsors for the caching community. Since the event is so far out, we can’t anticipate all of these deals in advance since we are still negotiating with sponsors.

      However if you compare a cabin which sleeps 3-4 adults with a the shared accommodation at the YMCA which is $35 per person per night, it is about a similar price and not $105: For three it would be $315 and for four $420 for three nights each.

      • Yeah, thanks Philipp, I did misunderstand Louise’ email or maybe it was worded badly. Not to worry I have been overuled by the “better half” so a cabin it is. I have been in touch with the Anglesea caravan park people and they have adjusted my pricing to include the discounted rate.

  2. Is it possible to have a meetup / additional event, anything really, for GeoScouts put into the program?


    Cached / Tasmania

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