Red25 – Blood donation program

Cancer patients, road trauma victims, women giving birth, and people with blood disorders are just some of the people who rely on blood donated to the  Australian Red Cross Blood Service.  The Blood Bank estimates that one in three Australians will need to use donated blood during their lifetime, however out of the 9 million Australians who are eligible to give blood, only 500,000 actively do so.  This is where you can help! You might not be able to complete for Australia at the Olympics, you probable haven’t decided to represent Australia in the international political area BUT you can bleed for Australia!

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has a giving program that is designed to work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secured.  It’s called Red25 and is a unique giving program where we unite with workplaces, schools, universities and other community groups around Australia to save lives through blood donation.  As a result of suggestion on the Facebook page (thanks Paul Ridley!) Geocaching Melbourne is now working towards the Red25 goal.

This is where you come in: if you donate regularly already, at your next donation ask to have Geocaching Melbourne added as your Red25 group.  Or you can do it yourself here.

If you haven’t donated blood before, now is the time to put your hand up! Donating usually takes around an hour, and during that time your get to relax/read a book or magazine. Afterwards, you get a free snack and drink and you get to feel good, knowing you are helping save lives.  The blood donated can be made into 22 different products.

You can see the Geocaching Melbourne Red25 group total online at any time.


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