The Surf Coast Event – July….

Hi All, It has been a while,

We have been busy working behind the scenes at Geocaching Melbourne Events to make the Surf Coast Event in November as good as we can while maintaining it as a free event….

VOLUNTEERS: There will soon be a call for volunteers, keep an eye out for a special announcement here.

SESSIONS SCHEDULE: Session schedule is up, there may be some minor changes between now and the event, just keep an eye on the website for details. Unlike last year, there will be no need to book for the educational sessions, it will be limited, first in, first served.

STATISTICS: Just like last years event, if you as interested in stats, head to this link for some fun and interesting information.

GEOCOINS AND PATHTAGS: Yep, again we have collectables available. 2 types of Geocoin available for pre-order, the Standard one at just $15 or the special Limited edition including Glitter for only $30. Pathtag pre-orders are also available. 2 Options here, a Trading set of 5 identical tags. You will be able to gather at the event and trade with others for a full set. Alternatively, you can purchase a Complete set for $25. Check out this link

MINI EVENTS: The Geocaching Melbourne Team are again doing some road-trips! We have had great turn outs to the 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 Months to MEGA events in Geelong, Traralgon, Beechworth, Bendigo and Mildura. We are looking forward to the 3 Months event in
St. Arnud next month and the 2 Months to MEGA in Ballarat in September.  Since the turn out for these events has been so fantastic, we wanted to give you a heads up: There will be some special prizes at the last event (in Warrnambool) for people who have been to multiple events. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, or in this case, attend as many of our mini events as you can!



SPONSORS: We would like to welcome Geostuff as the latest sponsor of the Surf Coast Event. Keep an eye out for some great event products to go on sale very soon at We would also like to acknowledge the support from our existing sponsors,,, Anglesea Beachfront Caravan Park, The Red Centre Experience and of course The Surf Coast Council.

Logo_Geocaching_NightCacheGrey  TRYSCT_black&white_horizontal_IDGEOSTUFFNT Eventpathtags logoheaderanglesea holiday park Logo


VICTORIAN GEOCACHING TOURNAMENT: Most of you have already heard about this, it is time to get your registrations in. Places are limited and spots are filling up fast. Head here to get more information or register today.

STALL HOLDERS: We would like to welcome our latest stall holders…
Caching Supplies:

Of course there is still spots available for more stall holders and your business does not necessarily have to sell caching related equipment, it could be almost anything. head here for stall costs.

SOUVENIR DESIGN COMPETITION: We are having a competition starting today. We are after people with some ideas for the Surf Coast Event souvenir. Do you want to be the one that designed the logo that every cacher receives for logging the surf Coast Event? Here is last years Souvenir:

IMG_4265TME2015 Small

You will need to come up with 2 logo’s. Bigger one is 480×320 and smaller one is 100×100. The Surf Coast Event committee will decide on the best logo which will be a surprise to everyone until they start logging the The Surf Coast Event. You can submit as many souvenir’s as you like.

What is the prize I hear you say? I am glad you asked. For the winner will be the honour of having your name to one of these rare souvenirs as well as a 2016 Surf Coast Unobtanium Geocoin. Email entries to

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and look forward to catching up with you all in November…

3 thoughts on “The Surf Coast Event – July….

  1. Hi guys, when we register for the VGT, should we have got an email to confirm it and/or notification of our squad?
    We (GJMMelb, quiet1_au and lochb registered a while back & didn’t get anything
    Please let me know
    Thanks – Jen

    • Hi Jen,
      My fault. I am a bit behind on this, I will catch up this evening and let you know your squad.
      Louise 🙂

      • No worries at all Louise, I just wanted to make sure our registration had gone through 🙂

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