Change at the Helm


Geocaching HQ co-founders Bryan Roth, Jeremy Irish and Elias Alvord

Jeremy Irish recently posted the below statement in a geocaching group. Basically he swapped seats with Bryan Roth at Geocaching HQ.

What does that mean for the future of geocaching? Your guess is as good as mine and we’ll see what “to work on smaller projects to help the core team improve the game” actually means.

Philipp from Geocaching Melbourne

Hey folks!
I wanted to give you some shocking news. I’ve stepped down as president of Geocaching HQ (formerly known as Groundspeak, formerly known as Grounded, Inc.). I’m now Senior Vice President and Bryan Roth has taken the helm as President.
Yes, shocking… maybe. It’s been 16 years as president, and I’ve realized that running a company isn’t my passion. I’m an idea guy and the game itself has grown incredibly large over the last 16 years. I’d rather think about ways to make geocaching better and have some time (and resources) to work on smaller projects to help the core team improve the game.
I have been honored to work with Bryan over the years and believe he is the right person to take the helm at Geocaching HQ. He has a deep knowledge of the game and I have always envied his personal skills, both as a leader and as a communicator. He is also someone who doesn’t step away from difficult challenges.
And he’s a good friend.
I appreciate the opportunity to have some time to think about the game more and come up with ideas that will improve upon it. I believe this hits my talent sweet spot and feel like the company will benefit from the change.
So I’m still here, just changing roles to where I believe I should be.
Ps. Can you share this with others? Sure! We aren’t publishing an official press release. But if you want to tweet it, blog it, or whatever, you are welcome to do so. I don’t plan on doing any interviews, though. Sorry.

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