Geocaching Melbourne Inc is changing its name.

That’s right, Geocaching Melbourne is changing its name.  It has long been thought that the Geocaching Melbourne Incorporation has outgrown its name and that we need a better one that more closely aligns us with what we do in the community of not just Melbourne, but also all of Victoria and further afield.  So we need your suggestions!

Along with this, we have created a new Facebook group.  Now we can already hear a collective sigh because the Geocaching Community of Victoria obviously needs a new Geocaching Facebook Group like a hole in the head, but the committee that is currently called Geocaching Melbourne Inc (the one that is changing its name), felt that we needed a Facebook group that the actual committee was in control of, rather than the current one that we have no control over.

So the new group, which is administered by the committee, has been set up and a set of guidelines is being produced.  This new Facebook group will be the centre for discussion for all things relating to geocaching in the state of Victoria, including obviously the annual MEGA event.  It will be administered by the committee members who are real people and whose names you can see.

Come over to the new Facebook group and be part of the discussion and have your input into what you think Geocaching Melbourne should change its name to.  Follow this link to the new group….

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