The Last of the 2017 Lead Up Events is complete!

The last of the x month to MEGA lead up events for this year was held at Wangaratta on the weekend.  That concludes the lead up events for this year and so with just on a month to go until the MEGA, we would like to look back at what was an incredible year of lead up events.

From the heat that was Wedderburn in February, through to negative temperatures at Canberra in July.  Sunshine in Swan Hill, rain in Echuca, we braved all sorts of weather to bring you some pretty special events.  And the results from all those attended logs are in!

There were 8 teams who actually made it to all 10 events.  That is an amazing achievement! A Massive Thank You must also go the the 3 hosts of the extra special Interstate lead up events. So Thanks must go to hevwalker, OzGlory and GhostGums who all did an awesome job helping to promote our event.

All up there were 211 teams that attended at least 1 of the events, with a total of 438 attended logs across all 10 official events.  That’s a pretty serious turn out.

A estimated 1000 sausages were provided, cooked and consumed, not to mention all the bread, onions and sauce.  Running these events is not easy and can sometimes provide a logistical nightmare, but when you see the pictures of everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, it makes it so worthwhile.

Thanks for all the fun memories and we look forward to catching up with you all in Alexandra next month!

3 thoughts on “The Last of the 2017 Lead Up Events is complete!

  1. This is a great effort as was mentioned above. There were also other interstate events that were not mentioned. Our event which was held in NNSW, was well attended and we also supplied everything ourselves to try to help your Alexandra Event.

    • And thankyou Gloria. We look forward to many more interstate events in the future too. It is support like this that helps us grow every year.

  2. We have been so impressed with the way Melbourne Geocaching has promoted the Alexandra Mega, with the lead up events. They’ve been so well run, and, of course, we’ve been lured there by those delicious sausages!
    It’s been great to plan our year’s activities in advance. Having an event to go to each month, in a different part of the state, and even an interstate trip, has been a wonderful excuse to get out and about, and enjoy the fun of geocaching, with like-minded people. At each event we have seen a few new faces, and welcomed them to our Geocaching community. Of course now we are all very busy trying to solve puzzles, have booked our accommodation, and are eagerly anticipating the big event.

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