A NEW name, a NEW website and a NEW MEGA!

So the Alexandra MEGA is over and what a fantastic time we have all had.  That now completes the third successful MEGA event held by Geocaching Melbourne in as many years.  So what to do next?  That’s right, let’s jump back in a do it all over again!  But this time, we’re taking the road-show to the city!

First thing’s first though.

We felt it was about time for a change of name as we have kind of outgrown the term “Geocaching Melbourne”, so we asked the community for their input and after a reasonably lengthy discussion and survey polling the people who geocache in Victoria, we have arrived at our new name and that will be “Geocaching Victoria”.

So what does that mean?  Well it means a brand new and completely redesigned website which has just been launched.  You can find that at this address → http://geocachingvictoria.com.au

It also means a name change for our Facebook page and our GC account, but don’t worry, it still the same team behind the scenes working tirelessly to enhance the geocaching experience of people in Victoria and those visiting Victoria.  The committee behind the new Geocaching Victoria Inc is…

  • Day Gowland (day1976) – President
  • Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn) – Vice President
  • Bernie Hollaway (BernieH) – Treasurer
  • Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg) – Secretary
  • Karen Ashford (carkisser) – Committee Member
  • Lorraine Sleep-Ogilvie (The Tritonz) – Committee Member
  • Peter Taurins (caught at work) – Committee Member

The committee looks forward to working on many different geocaching projects over the next year and in the years to come.

But wait, did I mention before something about the next MEGA moving to the city?

That’s right!  We would like to introduce you to the next MEGA event in the state of Victoria, The Parkville Event 2018.  You can follow this link and log your Will Attend now → https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC75D90

Located smack bang in the middle of the city of Melbourne, the Parkville event will be a two day event held over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of November 2018.  There is limited accommodation available which you can purchase right now.  The event t-shirts are being done through geostuff again and should be available for pre-purchase very soon.  The geocoins and pathtags are designed and are also available for pre purchase now.  There is even a rough event schedule and site map and a FAQ section completed on our brand new website.  There are plenty of exciting things planned for this event so to keep on top of it all, you need to stay tuned.  All further notifications regarding The Parkville Event, 2018 will be made through our new website, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and everything else at the new website → http://geocachingvictoria.com.au

The Parkville Event, like all our events will be absolutely FREE to attend with no registration fees required to be paid.

The Parkville Event committee consists of the following individuals who will be responsible for overseeing this MEGA event…

  • Louise Sullivan (LouiseAnn)
  • Karen Ashford (carkisser)
  • Day Gowland (day 1976)
  • David Fowler (Earthbound Chief)
  • Adriaan Homburg (ahomburg)

The Parkville Committee look forward to working on this exciting new project and delivering a MEGA that will take the next step in BIG geocaching events in Australia.

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