UPDATE – The Parkville Event 2018 – 15/4/18

And yet another fortnight rolls around and we find ourselves only 216 days away from the Parkville MEGA Event and so that means it’s time for yet another fortnightly BLOG post.

volunteersFirstly we would like to thank all of the people who have already volunteered to help out on the weekend of the Parkville MEGA.  Remember though that many hands make light work so we are looking for as many people as possible to help out.  Volunteering doesn’t mean working the entire weekend though, usually it’s just for a few hours to help out at the registration desk, maybe direct people where to go, help out with traffic control or even just being available for 1st aid if the need arises.  The volunteers are the backbone of our MEGA events, so if you think you could help out, follow this link to our volunteer registration form and remember, nothing is set in stone at this early hour and we won’t hold you to anything because we all realise that plans sometimes change.  We really are just looking at expressions of interest at this stage.

In our last BLOG post we revealed the back of our standard edition geocoins as being the new Geocaching Victoria logo.  But of course this won’t work with our Limited Edition Geocoin as they are a very different shape, so we needed something extra special for the back of this very special coin.  There will be only 100 of these Limited Edition Geocoins being made and a good percentage of these have already been presold and that is without anyone ever seeing what the reverse side of the coin will look like.  So, without further delay, Geocaching Victoria is very pleased to announce the back of the Limited Edition coin is our little mascot Fern, dressed up in his Tram driver uniform in the park at Parkville with an iconic Melbourne tram and the city skyline in the back ground.  The individual TB number of each coin will appear down the side of one of the high rise buildings in the background.  The entire image is at 90 degrees to the main image on the front and they complement each other beautifully.  Full details can be seen in the image below…


This is a hefty 2 inch coin, so larger than the normal 1.75 inch coin and made of hardened enamel with raised black nickel edges.  There is a load of detail in this coin and is still available for purchase for $40 from our webstore by following this link, but hurry because as we said, there are only 100 of these being produced and once they are sold out, that’s it.

Speaking of the back of things, the next very cool thing that Geocaching Victoria is very pleased to announce is our new pathtag backs.  These backs will appear on the back of all of our pathtags for the Parkville Event and you can make them the back of your pathtags in time for the Parkville MEGA by selecting them (Geocaching Victoria) as your back when producing your pathtags.  We are very pleased to once again have pathtags.com as a sponsor for the Parkville MEGA and you can show your support for pathtags and for Geocaching Victoria by proudly displaying our back on your next order of pathtags.

GV Backs

setAnd speaking of pathtags, don’t forget that our series of 5 pathtags are still available to purchase from our webstore.  You can purchase a trading set of pathtags where you get 5 of the same pathtag for only $15 and you can trade with others at the event to make up the complete set, or you can purchase a full and complete set for just $25.  You can follow this link for more details.

So since our last BLOG post, there have been two further Lead Up events held around the world. The first was last Saturday on the 7th of April in Perth, Western Australia (GC7JPK6) when more than a dozen caching teams turned up to an event held for us by the wonderful Kyzabra.  All reports in say that everyone enjoyed themselves and there were some nice prize giveaways. 

Perth WA

GC7JPK6 – The Perth Lead Up Event

The other Lead Up event however didn’t quite go to plan.  You see our intrepid travelling friends at Earthbound Chief, who were holding the proposed event in Boston, USA (GC7HKAN) for us, caught a flight that they thought would take them to San Fransisco, USA.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for them, the airplane had other ideas and took them to Honolulu, USA.  Hawaii is definitely a nice spot to go, but not really good for making it to an event in Boston the next day.  Anyway, it appears that at least a couple of teams turned up at the location despite the lack of presence of any actual host, so we are awarding the relevant points to them.

Today we also have two further lead up events happening.  The first is in the lovely town of Latrobe in Tasmania where the lovely caching team of 2y’tassies is hosting an event (GC7HNQX ) for us and the second is in Bergan, Norway where Ostara74 is hosting an event (GC7KCBF) for us.  Both events look to be a lot of fun.  Over the next fortnight we will have lead up events happening on the 25th of April in Prague, Czech Republic (GC7HKBK ) and then on the 28th of April in Berlin, Germany (GC7HKFK).  Both events will be hosted by the wonderful Earthbound Chief, if they catch the correct plane this time.

city-of-melbourne-logo-400Next we would like to welcome our newest sponsor who is none other than the Melbourne City Council themselves.  The MCC have come on board in supporting us towards making this the best Geocaching MEGA event that it can possibly be.  They join a growing list of sponsors who are throwing their weight behind this event and we welcome their support.

We’d of course like to take this time to acknowledge all of our major sponsors, Geostuff, cachly and geocaching.com and thank them for their wonderful support for this event.

2018_mens_shirt_design_1024x1024And whilst on the topic of Geostuff, they are still the only place that you can get the official The Parkville Event 2018 t-shirts.  As well as a massive range of other geocaching related products (as well as products from many of the various other location based games too) you can get these stunning t-shirts and show your support for the Geostuff store and for the Parkville MEGA at the same time.  Available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes, these t-shirts display our mascot, Fern in his little zoo keeper uniform and is available with customisation to include your team name and tracking codes if you so wish.  You can check these out and purchase them by following this linkNote: All orders are pre-orders for either delivery or pick up at the store when stock arrives or for pick up at The Parkville Event, 2018 on the weekend of the event.

FTFAlso, don’t forget that tickets in our FTF raffle draw are up for sale already.  Yep, you can go into the draw to win the right to call yourself the FTF for the Parkville MEGA and all proceeds go to our chosen charity, The Ronald McDonald House in Parkville.  So even if you’re not a FTF hound, you can still purchase a ticket with the knowledge that all proceeds are going to a very worthwhile cause.  Tickets can be purchased by following this link.

Moving on finally to this BLOG post’s geocache(s) of the fortnight and we can’t go past the 5 wonderful new multi caches that have appeared around the event site.  These multi caches were supported by Geocaching Victoria, organized by the wonderful RobMc and put together by the renowned Team Crackers so you surely can’t go wrong with that kind of line up, can you?  The new caches can be found by following the following links.

Once again, Geocaching Victoria would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far in the Parkville MEGA.  The people who have put their hand up to volunteer, the sponsors who are helping out, the many people who are already behind the scenes, hosting events, placing caches, designing artwork or even just offering us advice.  It is all very appreciated, so thankyou and happy caching everyone

Geocaching Victoria.

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